VitaCup Focus Ground Mushroom Coffee

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VitaCup Focus Ground Mushroom Coffee is a coffee blend that is infused with lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms. These mushrooms are said to have a number of health benefits, including boosting focus, improving memory, and supporting immunity.

The coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans and is roasted to a medium dark roast. It has a bold and smooth flavor. The mushrooms are added to the coffee after roasting, so they do not alter the flavor of the coffee.

VitaCup Focus Ground Mushroom Coffee is available in 10-ounce bags. It can be brewed using a drip coffee maker, French press, or espresso machine.

Benefits of drinking VitaCup Focus Ground Mushroom Coffee:

Boosts focus: Lion’s mane mushroom is a nootropic, which means it can improve cognitive function. Studies have shown that lion’s mane can improve memory, learning, and attention.

Improves memory: Chaga mushroom is also a nootropic. Studies have shown that chaga can improve memory and cognitive function in people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Supports immunity: Both lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms have immune-boosting properties. Lion’s mane can help to fight off infection, while chaga can help to reduce inflammation.

If you are looking for a coffee that can help you to focus, improve your memory, and support your immunity, then VitaCup Focus Ground Mushroom Coffee is a good option. It is made with high-quality ingredients and has a bold and smooth flavor.

10 reviews for VitaCup Focus Ground Mushroom Coffee

  1. Eusebio C.

    The organic coffee taste good,. The organic coffee taste good, it’s medium roast coffee and it’s very smooth tasting, I would definitely have friends taste it, I have plenty of energy and feel better than before, I like vita cup of coffee.

  2. TMc

    ACCCCKKKKK ! I’ve been curious and wanted to try this type of coffee for a while now. I’ve read numerous reviews and finally settled on this brand. I have drank a lot of good and a lot of crappy coffee over the years, and this quite possibly may be the worst. It absolutely tastes like DIRT. I get the popularity of Vegan, gluten free, vegetarian and the likes, but if I wanted dirt flavored coffee ….. well, I guess I could just use dirt. And I’m guessing dirt is Vegan, gluten free and vegetarian as well. There may be a better tasting brand out there, but this is GROSS !

  3. michael no****

    Review of Focus Ground Coffee 1 Bag. *****

  4. Rebecca Ka****

    The flavor of this coffee is very good and the cinnamon gives it a good boost. When I don’t use the vitacup I can tell the difference in my health. Maybe my body can’t absorb all the vitamins but it’s an extra boost so I don’t have to swallow giant pills.

  5. michael no****

    Because of the vitamin blend it’s a little getting used to over regular coffee but once you get into drinking your 2nd or 3rd cup on the 2nd or 3rd day you find it to be very refreshing and very long lasting as far as your energy level but not from the caffeine but from the vitamins I have really enjoyed this coffee and I will continue to use it and the taste is now what I considered the standard of what coffee should taste like.

  6. Susan

    A good cup of coffee in the morning. I was a bit skeptical about trying this coffee, but it very smooth and I enjoy drinking a cup in the morning,

  7. Elizabeth

    WORMS!!! If you want a organic 100 percent natural this is it !!!
    It comes with WORMS on package and holes. They dont check or care for what they sell

  8. Teresa Sham****

    Let me tell you that in the past I could no longer tolerate any type of coffee due to severe IBS symptoms that followed. Until my daughter-in-law told me about your slim coffee. She told me that (her having similar IBS issues), the Slim coffee was not giving her any adverse symptoms. Low and behold, the same was true for me once I tried the slim coffee pods. No IBS symptoms going into overdrive anymore! I can finally enjoy a good cup of coffee again. Love the taste and love that I can purchase the Slim ground coffee instead of the coffee pods (though I love those as well for convenience). In the meantime, I’ve also tried some other Vitacup products and I must say, none of them have given me any problems related to my IBS. That, in my opinion, is remarkable! Oh, and let’s not forget the added bonus of curbing my appetite and extra energy!

  9. Kim H-1FL5

    Love this coffee and it’s different from starting my day with any other coffee. It truly helps me to focus during the day! All it takes is one cup for me & I love that I’m getting my vitamins at the same time, not to mention it’s organic!!

  10. Kim H

    Love this coffee. My medical tests showed I have twice more than needed vitamin D levels thanks to this coffee! So much that I stopped my D3 supplement and just drink the coffee now! Love the taste with cinnamon note and the tumeric helps morning stiffness!

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