14 Free Tools to Boost Up Your eCommerce Business

Want to simplify day to day processes in your company? Have you ever used free online tools?

Starting a business can be very challenging. You have to make sure that there’s teamwork and that everyone is in sync. But thanks to technology, it’s easy to  keep track of projects and  the members involved.

There are plenty of free tools online that can contribute to the development of your eCommerce business. These tools will simplify project management and will help your team work in an easy and effective way.

Excited to get started with using eCommerce tools? Take a cue from the list below.

Google Analytics

Google provides a fantastic yet free analytics tool that identifies what works and what doesn’t in your marketing plans. Google Analytics offers insights on website traffic and where the majority of that traffic comes from. This will let you know if your strategies are effective or if they need improvement. If your company runs on platforms like PinnacleCart, you will be glad to know that your account is already integrated with Google Analytics.


Google My Business

Google My Business offers a free profile that lets you reach new customers even without a website. You can post location, pricing information, local hours, images, and even take customers on a virtual tour. All these will show up for your audience in Google’s search results.



Not those thick books on the side table in your living room. Yellow Pages lets your customers find your business online. It also lets you invite people and respond to reviews about your products or services.



Haven’t signed up to Yelp yet? No need to worry. There’s a possibility that your customers might be talking about you in there. The moment you’ll sign up, you’ll find what customers are saying about your brand so make sure you update your business profile and indicate proper information.


Hubspot’s Marketing Grader. This is a great tool to know if your social media and blog posts are generating leads and how well you are doing in the competition. You will know if have effectively invested your money, time and energy.



Tired of the numbers you see on Google Analytics? Use Unbounce. Take the 30-day free trial to design landing pages that are optimized for increased conversions.



Isn’t it amazing that starting a blog is as simple as signing up to WordPress? And it’s absolutely free. When you integrate WordPress with your web hosting service, you can enjoy the perks of creating and managing a well-designed blog that speaks about your brand. Don’t forget to take advantage of some add-ons to simplify website management. When you know how to make the most of WordPress, the benefits are endless.



Do you have plenty of people onboard who are in-charge of writing, editing and publishing content? Then make use of CoSchedule. This is a WordPress add-on that lets you plan content in advance. CoSchedule helps you collaborate effortlessly in the editorial and sharing process and notify writers of upcoming posts. So if you’re addicted to blogging, you won’t regret having this add-on in your WordPress account.



A great company starts with recruiting a great team. With AngelList, you not only find your future team but also get investors at the same time. Plenty of startups have been matched with angel investors on the site and this clearly helps with obtaining capital for business growth.



Having professionally designed graphics for your blog and for other marketing materials is as easy as registering to Canva. This platform offers a simple and convenient way to bring visuals to life. You can create blog graphics, flyers and brochures by using pre-formatted templates. With a few clicks, watch your image turn from amateur into professional.



There are many ways in which a team can communicate with each other seamlessly. And the most effective way is to use Slack. With this platform, you can manage conversations with your team across different devices.



Ever get stuck on posting manually on social media? Cut the hassle and let Hootsuite do the work for you. This platform allows you to manage multiple social media channels on a single dashboard. It’s the go-to tool to keep your posts across different social media accounts in sync. You not only schedule posts and engage your followers but also measure the effectiveness of your content.



Need to share files and work on the same document from different devices? Dropbox is the way to go. Upload your files to the cloud and open them from anywhere. Share them with anybody who needs full access to your files and folders.



Want to ensure that your team is getting updates on a particular project? Trello does the job done. All it takes is one simple card that you use to take notes, assign tasks, or set deadlines. Move the card under different categories like in progress or done to indicate the current status of the project.


Choosing the right tool will help enhance teamwork and will save time. So regardless of where team members are located, you are assured that everyone is on the same page.

Have more ideas on other free tools that help boost teamwork and productivity? Hit the comment section below!

About the author:

Sarinah is a certified procaffinator who works as a full-time Copywriter at PinnacleCart. She loves working in eCommerce as she has been tracking the impressive growth of eCommerce selling for many years. Her enthusiasm and pro-eCommerce stance is contagious! During her free time, Sarinah dabbles in other creative pursuits like poetry and photography. She also loves books, 90’s music, travel, and fashion… and coffee, of course!


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