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Impact of Social Media in Today’s World

Over the past 20 years, information and communication technology has changed rapidly with a key development being the onset of social media. The rate of change is escalating. We can definitely say that the...


10 Logo Design Trends for 2018

It’s true that nothing remains unchanged as things keep on changing with the passage of time. Change has become a new trend in the industry of graphic designing and all this is because of...

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How to Improve SEO by Changing Web Design

The industry of digital marketing is a very competitive one as techniques are being discovered every day. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, things get really hairy. Most of your competitors will be...


How to Create an Art Portfolio Like a Pro

Marketing yourself as an artist is obviously more challenging when you lack exposure and audience reach. In order to really put yourself out there, you have to find ways to effectively convince people that...


5 Tips to Buying an E-commerce Business

Making the decision to purchase an e-commerce business can be daunting, especially to traditional entrepreneurs. Most start from scratch and build their own businesses by themselves. However, buying an already established e-commerce business is...