7 Elegant Fonts You Simply Must Use

There’s no denying that typography is an essential part of good design. More than the graphical elements like layout, texture, and pattern, typography is essential because it carries the message and transforms an otherwise abstract string of words into something visually tangible. When you have the right font, you send the right message.

Now and then there might be an occasion that calls for elegant script fonts. Perhaps a Serif font will be elegant enough, too. Whichever way, here are several typefaces that may suit your design needs.

Centeria Script

centeria font (more…)

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Free Amazing Headlines Fonts for Designers

In articles printed in newspapers, magazines or websites, headlines make a good impression on the reader. They are also useful in other print materials, such as posters and flyers. The expectations of the readers are accentuated with the help of an attractive headline. It immediately attracts the attention of the reader and creates an interest of further investigation.

It is not necessary to consider the headlines as a title. But the necessary information is given in a headline to attract the attention of the reader. In order to do this, an individual should make sure that font used for the headline is as captivating as the words. An extra chance is earned from the readers with a good font style of the headlines.

There is a wide collection of free bold and beautiful headlines fonts available that can be really useful. It is very important to choose the correct font for headlines to make it more distinctive. Most of the headlines fonts are bold and big, but to describe and emphasize on the title, character is needed. Some of the professional web fonts that can make your headline look distinctive include:

Hard Block

hardblock font (more…)

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Free Useful Icons For Your Website

Tired of plain-looking text for some links on your website? Well there’s actually an answer for that—Icons! Come to think of it, Windows did not become infamous because of the word itself. It is globally recognized as the icon with red, green, blue and yellow boxes outlined with black to resemble a window pane. Another perfect example is the bitten apple for Apple itself which is also helpful to label Mac systems, manufactured by the formidable Apple.

Comparable to the real world, icons work as logos. Like for instance, the two golden arches forming an M for McDonalds has been its trademark for decades already. Icons and logos represent a certain business or a certain concept so that it becomes recognizable and memorable for the majority.

For your websites, icons are a good tool to add some twist on your web pages, masking your need for wider spaces. Remember that too much text may cramp up your web pages, and so it will look disorganized. In this case, let us give you some links to downloadable icons that are artfully designed to suit your needs.

Social Media Sites on Paper Icons


Free Useful Icon (more…)

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Best free website builder: Which tool suits your needs best

If you are eagerly interested in creating a top notch website for yourself and do not know how to go about it, here are with our suggestions for you. It is vital to consider that you need to have a sound idea on some of the best website builders at play in the current scenario. Your success will count much on the builder you select, as it will give you the best platform to showcase your products or services in the highly professional way. We bring here a few website builders that are the most sought after in the recent times for their free offers.

Google Sites

Google Sites (more…)

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