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First impression is the last impression and if it is great, it will be a lasting one. For websites, every owner and designer wants this very thing. To make a fully functional and visually appealing website, you need to make sure that the web elements are attractive, cluster free and something innovative and unorthodox. To do so, creating design elements from scratch does take longer time than usual. Hence you can make use of the pre developed web templates and designed resources, provided by DealFuel. These resources can be availed for free and can easily be incorporated in your website. Below mentioned are some of the design resources, that would assist you in your web designing task and also ease up the process immensely.

1. Hipster and retro icon set


The name of this design resource tells it all. This set of icons are all about the 60’s and the heydays of rock and roll. The icons present in this set have a minimalistic design and a vintage look and feel to it. These icons are eye candy and your audience can easily relate to them. They can be easily downloaded and used for personal as well as commercial purposes.

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2. Free social media icons


Social media icons are a basic necessity for every website. It allows your audience to share your website’s content on various social networking platforms thus seeking the attention of users over various social networking sites. But the most striking feature of these icons set is that, the design of these icons are completely different and flaunts a great design. They provide a classy & artistic feel to your website and is compatible with both light and dark backgrounds. They can be downloaded in various formats and sizes for your personal and commercial needs.

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3. Hand drawn vector icons


When it comes to web icons, innovation and simplicity is the key. This set of 25 hand drawn vector icons have a classy look and feel to it, and looks original. All these icons are hand drawn and can be used for various web interfaces including chat, site navigation, social media, to name a few.

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4. Wood textures and tree patterns


This freebie pack will take you back to the roots, literally. This pack consists of 26 different high resolution wood and tree patterns that provides a mystical and enchanting feel to your website. They can be used as web background or in the form of posters.

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5. Flatteriffic vector icons


Simple and original are the best adjectives to describe this freebie. The flatteriffic vector icons consists of 30 simple and cool looking icons of social media and interface icons. They can be aptly applicable to a number of projects and can be used for personal as well as commercial projects.

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6. Smart device icons


Thanks to the advancement of technology, smart devices have become an integral part of each and every household. Hence the appeal of these smart device icons will attract a lot of popularity. Using these great icons, you can easily communicate with your audience and enhance the readability of your website. These icons have a techy feel to it and can be used for personal as well as commercial projects. This device icon pack consists of 100 device icons which can be downloaded in .svg or .png formats.

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7. Colorful grudge textures


This set of 10 grudge textures has a realistic look and feel to it and provides your website an artistic texture and depth. All the textures can be downloaded in .jpg format and at different resolutions. These textures contain limitless possibilities and can be modified according to your requirement and needs.

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8. High resolution vector icons


This pack of high quality vector icons can cater to almost every web element needs of yours. They contain navigation, social media and other important icons and can be used for commercial as well as personal projects.

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9. Vector icons and patterns


This pack consists of over 230 vector icons and patterns which can be used as website background, header or even in the form of posters. They improve the aesthetics of your website and provides a neat & clean feel to it.

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10. Thin line icons


These simple yet suave thin line icons are completely scalable and can be used for personal as well as commercial applications. They can be easily downloaded and proves a neat and minimalistic touch to your web elements.

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