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Did you ever make a website that started to get overwhelming feedback and comments with in few weeks and still getting the huge traffic on daily basis?

I know you didn’t : ), but you CAN. I am not going to tell you ingredients for Felix Felicis (luck potion of harry potter), but just wanted to share some most commonly practiced methods to make effective news website which I observed during my working experience as an internet marketing consultant and web designer.

Can you believe me!Every web designer or developer gets credit for making website that gets popular amongst internet villagers and that it generates profit in terms of money for the owner or organization.

Perhaps there are some niches where websites may get quick attention or at least the limited target audience is attracted by — but the niche that is you are going to be introduced here is mind-blowing awesome to get greater public viewership because of its broad audience spectrum that is comprised on people of every age, sex, education, and various likings from around the world. This is the niche of ‘news-magazine’ in web-designing environment.


In my personal guess and experience the majority of websites and designer always reserve the particular area or corner layout for news section where events and news that are relevant to the business are showed up. To get more and more diversified audience with other languages,adding the full functional translation mechanism comes handy and adds spice and value to news website. By far even the latest developments in translation computer program are still incapable to interpret script into any other language perfectly.

Since two decades, gradually, the emerging of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process on internet horizon; the significance of web marketing, promotion and war for ranking-up on search engine battle fields,has got into public eye and word of every mouth.

For SEO reason every website company employing internet marketing manager and search engine optimizer makes effort to gather killing content relevant to their niche in the database to get most attraction of search engines.

Search engines are always looking for something new (but valuable), so it’s a good idea to have bundles of useful information in your website’s database. More information means more natural words and keywords so that search engine is hooked by whenever it searches out for the specific noun and thus showing your website in search pages more rapidly.

Significance of Writing and Translation

More keyword based materials any website may have more it gets chance to level up on search engines’ first pages. This norm is compelling web companies and SEO experts across the world that they must hire particular language expert writers or take free-lance writers to write them articles in which keywords in several languages give search engine, sufficient reasons to optimize the website increasingly.

Writing and Translation: Need for All by Every Means

Nowadays every second website is showed up with good amount of articles associated with its database.


– Avoid useless content and articles. Write for your human audience, not for search engines.

Thing looks awkward when you may view such websites where there is no need for articles or writing materials nevertheless they are given there as info where you find nothing useful except jargon of words and aimless phrases with only pile of keywords.

News Industry is Lucky, isn’t it?

The niche of E-news and magazine websites is lucky to give enough reason to SEO process naturally with there ever generating new content and interesting stories, news, breakings, columns, editorials, opinions, polls, letters and many other things that are counted as general elements of a newspaper. Such websites find no compulsion to get keyword based material,exclusively, to optimize viewership and to generate traffic as visitors attractive contents are already part of it. Whenever whatever happens on national or international panorama in terms of event and news, nationwide people or foreign nationals from all over the world begin to search it by keywords through search engines and this is what the news website provides normally in form of news and info written material in its database.

Feather in its Cap

Almost around thousands of E-papers websites associating with internationally and nationally recognized news agencies, TV, and printer companies are running on the internet. People daily visit such websites and every day there is a new day because of the variety of content that is changed daily. Contrary of other website’s niches, the E-paper or news website has reasons to add pages to its website whenever it is necessary and this is how the optimization of the website, spontaneously, stables and develops itself with the passage of time.

Things should be there for E-paper

If you take a look some of the most prominent news websites on internet like BBC, CNN, NY Times, WSJ and PBS hours; you will find out the element of simplicity thru best and straight of the art presentation rule though complexity of versatile content and updates. In addition these websites like CNN, BBC and some several more news websites present the localized pages with brilliantly translated contents. This is owing to translation service provider that is hired or employed to bridge the gap between different cultures and languages. Also observe the most wonderfully designed and localized united nation’s official website, offers more than four biggest international languages translated website versions so that it could make aware and update the maximum people of the entire world. Furthermore the the Britain Broad Casting and the German versions of news websites are great examples. The localization and translation mechanism work well on behalf of your website. The Babel fish and Google translation services are still struggling to give good translation to the world but nothing is as perfect as human intelligent interpreting.

Things shun be there for E-paper

Like as I have mentioned above the significance of localization of website through content translation; I will make you notice here that unknowing of other regional cultures and languages makes your website less viewing no matter it is an E-paper. With the pace of modern information technology you must upgrade your E-paper with latest trend widgets but it is more important that you localize the website according to region where you want your website business should introduce and develop. Secondly do not ever consider E-paper like common nature or other niche website. Do not add contents that supposedly drag user reading and viewing time having no purpose or relevance.Also you will have to care about color scheme as well as interactive content about their position on the page. If people in United States like white colored background website it will surely distract the user experience in Asian countries where yoke yellow are more acceptable.

Websites with diversified versions brings you countless profit with non-stop traffic in turn along with international recognition.

N.Ansari is a professional writer works for a leading translation services provider LingoCafe. In the past few months, LingoCafe is entrusted with hundreds of localization and translation projects from small to giant organizations including Microsoft, B.P (British Petroleum) & Roads and Taxation authority Dubai.


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