10 Ways to Create a Professional Facebook Profile

If anyone is unsure of the importance of having a professional Facebook profile these days, the following interesting fact should end that doubt.  Recruiters and other professionals involved with hiring are increasingly utilizing Facebook as viable option to the more traditional avenue offered by local newspapers.  In this way, they are able to locate new recruits with ease, save on the expenses, and end up hiring the best candidates.  If you happen to be looking for a job or are just concerned with your online image, here are 10 ways to create a professional Facebook profile.


Have A Profile Picture

Simply adding professional-looking photograph to your profile creates the instant impression of being someone who knows how to portray him or herself.  It also serves to “put a face with a name” which is always helpful to recruiters.

Add In Twitter

With the Apps Directory, you can incorporate Twitter with you Facebook page allowing others to stay in touch with you anytime.  Nothing looks more professional than being on top of things.

Post Links

Facebook enables you to integrate up to three URLs within your profile page.  These links can serve to give others more information you and/or your enterprise. They are also impressive signs of your broad presence on the Internet.   Just be certain that your personal blog’s or site’s links are fit for the hiring managers to see.

Keep Your Page Updated

Your Facebook profile really should be seen as constantly evolving.   Nothing looks more unprofessional than a stale, out-of-date profile page.

Lead Off with an Expert Headline

The fifth of the 10 ways to create a professional Facebook profile is to use a headline that is        attention-grabbing and memorable.  Try to make it catchy without being too cute.

Never Block Incoming Email

It is recommended never to give your prospective employers an impression that you are only elicited with blocked emails. Do not forget that you happen to be selling yourself for the market, being attractive for them so that they can consider you for the positions which might be available.

Adding Your Blog’s Feed

You may incorporate WordPress onto your Facebook page so others can easily get an idea of your blogging habits. Hiring managers or recruiters don’t need to must search for such information and facts about you; they wish to get as much data as you possibly can.

Raise Your Network

You have worked for a lot of individuals or companies over the last few years. You’ll find some that are imprecisely remembered and some memorized as dear buddies. Any of these men and women could give the reference or recommendations for your new job or they might be the person trying to find their company’s most recent employee.

Utilize Search Engine Marketing

It can be difficult to find the right balance of SEO marketing and readability in your Facebook profile. When in doubt, put the scale on the side of humans because they are going to be the ones who will be hiring you, not the leading search engines. Use key phrases prospective employers are in search for within your synopsis.

Compose an Engaging Synopsis

The summary or Info on your profile is the last impression that you will make with readers.  It is the one that they will take with them.  Make sure it is a positive impression that will help get you an interview.

Facebook has fully replaced the newspaper and magazines for hiring pros. It is more important than ever to maintain a good image online.  By following these 10 ways to create a professional Facebook profile, you can be sure of your image.

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