The Only Website Development Process Checklist You Need

Modern businesses rely primarily on the internet to get their message across to an endless horde of customers. The online realm is constantly expanding and this is as good a time as any to profit from it.

While setting up a website may not seem all that hard, it can be a toughie if you want your site to rank up in the search results. Any experienced web developer will tell you that this is not a one-time job but instead a consistent commitment. Here’s why you need a proper website development process checklist in 2021.

eCommerce website development process is intricate but highly rewarding

Website Development Process Steps

Why should a random person click on your link?

When you’ve discovered how you can add value to people’s lives through your products or services, we can move on:

  1. Summarizing the details of your business
  2. Create a constant and inexhaustible stream of content
  3. Play around with the website’s layout until you find a perfect one
  4. Choose a design and make it business-appropriate
  5. Write the code and thoroughly check for any issues
  6. Check out the user-end experience and notice if there are any problems
  7. Publish your site on the internet

Here is a comparison of some of the most iconic WordPress hosting services:

WordPress Hosting ServiceTotal Refund WarrantyMost Economic Shared HostingMost Economic Managed HostingMost Economic WooCommerce HostingNumber of Hosting Plans Offered
Bluehost30 Days$2.95$19.95$6.959
A2 HostingWhenever$2.99$11.997
HostGator45 Days$5.953

Follow the latest trends both in your business field and the website design to get the best user experience, and if you get criticism, take it constructively and get on with improving the site.

Website Development Checklist, 2021

Now that we’re done with understanding ‘what is the process of website development,’ here’s a small checklist to give you a headstart with your website ranking:

  • Audit your site constantly.
  • Use Google Analytics to monitor your site’s performance.
  • Craft a site map and make it simple and easily navigable.
  • Check for any issues with the plugins, security, code, etc.
  • Get your message across to the audience via infographics and assorted visual displays.
  • Add searchable keywords to the mixture without sounding robotic.
  • Learn from your competitors.
  • Ensure an endless supply of ‘ever-green’ and value-added content.
  • Add live chat and chatbot options to make the site more interactive.

Bottom Line – Don’t Stop Even If You Make It To The Top

The internet evolves constantly and the way websites are ranked has seen dramatic changes in the past few years – such changes are expected to show up constantly even in the future as well. Just be sure to constantly monitor, optimize, and improve your website to ensure success.

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