Why should your business hire dedicated development team?

Outsourcing has become extremely popular in the IT industry. Today, there are not so many non-IT companies that want to create their own software development departments. Instead, they prefer to hire dedicated development teams. This model is a very convenient one regardless of the industry that your business works in. Even many software development companies find hiring dedicated development team a very feasible option when they do not have enough in-house resources for some projects.

If you still haven’t decided how to hire software developers, we recommend you read this article in order to closely analyze the key advantages and disadvantages of working with dedicated programmers.

What does the dedicated software development team presuppose?

When you want to hire dedicated development team, you need to establish cooperation with an outsourcing agency. After you provide your outsourcing partner with all your requirements regarding the composition of your team based on the specificity of your project, the company will start to look for potential candidates who have the necessary skills.

To make sure that you will have a perfect dedicated development team that will fully meet your expectations, you will have the possibility to conduct interviews and approve the best candidates.

Though the chosen team members will fully concentrate on your project, officially they won’t be your employees as they will be employed by the outsourcing agency. Thanks to this, all administrative, hiring, and onboarding questions won’t be your responsibilities which is a great plus as you will be able to save your money and resources.

A lot of businesses today hire dedicated development teams, as this model offers much more flexibility and freedom than traditional hiring. Moreover, this approach has a lot of pluses from the perspective of your budget allocation. And that’s far not the end of all the benefits that you can enjoy after hiring dedicated developers. Let’s dive deeper into this topic.

Advantages of hiring dedicated development team

  • Cost-efficiency. Your expenses are reduced in comparison to onboarding in-house employees.
  • Transparency. You always know how much you will have to pay for the resources you have. It means that you can plan your budget in advance.
  • Flexibility. When your needs change, you can easily expand your team or reduce the number of its members.
  • Access to a rich pool of experts. The area of your search is not limited to one region only. You can work with specialists based in any corner of the world.
  • Full control. Though your team will work remotely, you can manage every single step of the development process.
  • Focus on key activities. You do not need to think about recruitment and onboarding, everything will be done for you.

Disadvantages of working with dedicated developers

  • Cultural peculiarities. As hiring dedicated development team very often includes establishing cooperation with offshore partners, some cultural barriers are possible. All people are different and these differences can be especially bright when people were raised in different cultures.
  • Time difference. Different time zones can become a problem for efficient communication.
  • Inefficiency for short-term projects. Please bear in mind that there is no sense in creating a dedicated development team for small tasks and for projects that are planned to take less than a year.


As in the case of any other cooperation model, dedicated development teams have their advantages and drawbacks. However, such issues as, for example, cultural barriers and time differences can be easily solved. In the era of globalization, people who work with the international community are usually quite flexible and cultural barriers do not become an obstacle.

And as for the time difference, as a rule, companies always find a way out and choose a time for meetings that can be suitable for both parties.

If you are planning to hire dedicated development team, we hope that you will have a positive experience and that all the drawbacks will be absolutely insignificant for you.


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