100 wordpress ajax plugins


Ajax is very popular when it comes to WordPress. There are many WordPress Ajax plugins i collect more than

100 wordpress ajax plugins enjoy it.

GD Star Rating

Star Rating plugin allows you to set up advanced rating and review system for posts, pages and comments in your blog using single and multi ratings.

Visitor Like/Dislike Post Rating

Let your visitors tell you if they like or dislike your posts on the fly. Activate the plugin and it automatically inserts the functions and does the


Calculates, displays and automatically updates times and dates in different timezones with respect to daylight saving on basis of UTC.

Floatbox Plus

Seamless integration of Floatbox (jscript similar to Lightview/Lightbox/Shadowbox/Fancybox/Thickbox) to create nice overlay display images/videos with

Google AJAX Translation

Add Google AJAX Translation to your blog. This plugin allows your readers to translate your blog posts or comments into up to 42 languages.

WP likes

WP Likes lets your blog visitors ‘like’ your blogposts on the go.

Tune Library

The purpose of this plugin is to allow users to import their iTunes music list into WordPress and print their song collection in a page.

Pretty Link

Shrink, track and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website. Create short links suitable for Twitter using your own domain name!

Read More Right Here

Automatically transform your ‘more’ links into “view right here” links that immediately display the rest of your entry.

Ajax Archives

Display your archives in collapsible mode using ajax and jQuery.


Minimax is a minimal Ajax library.

(a) Slideshow

Slideshow for your blog Based on [(a)Slideshow jQuery Plugin](http://slideshow.hohli.com)

Lightview Plus

Seamless integration of Lightview (similar to Lightbox, Thickbox, Floatbox, Thickbox, Fancybox) to create a nice overlay to display images and videos


WP AutoSuggest adds the Auto Suggest support to the WordPress search.

iRedlof Ajax Login

Add a beautiful Javascript loaded Login/Register top panel to your wordpress theme.

AJAXed WordPress

A highly customizable plugin to add AJAX to your blog. AWP uses AJAX to load posts inline, paginate posts, load and submit comments, and more.

Contact Form 7

Just another contact form plugin. Simple but flexible.

Post videos and photo galleries

Post your videos and photo galleries/flash slideshows easily and in seconds.

ICS Calendar

Display upcoming events from a shared Google, Outlook, iCal or other ICS calendar.

Ajax Category Dropdown

Generates a multi-level (multiple select boxes) AJAX populated category dropdown widget.

Quotes Collection

Quotes Collection plugin with Ajax powered Random Quote sidebar widget helps you collect and display your favourite quotes on your WordPress blog.

postMash (filtered) – custom post order

Customise the order your posts are display in using this simple drag-and-drop Ajax interface, tweaked to allow admin sorting by category/date.


Display your archive tree that’s search engine friendly on custom page.

Greg’s Comment Length Limiter

Provides a configurable limit on the length of comments left in the comment form, with a dynamically updated character count displayed for the user.

Feed Reading Blogroll

The plugin improves your blogroll or even your blogpage by displaying the freshness and the latest post-title of your bookmarks.

Hackadelic Widget Voodoo

Morphs your sidebar widgets into collapsible, cool AJAX-type citizens.

Stray Random Quotes

Display and rotate random quotes and words everywhere on your blog. Easy to custom and manage. Multiuser. Ajax enabled.

Lightbox Plus

Lightbox Plus permits users to view larger versions of images without having to leave the current page, and is also able to display simple slideshows.


This plugin notify’s live the guests on your blog about a new post that has been published.

WPtouch iPhone Theme

WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress blog into an iPhone application-style theme

Dave’s WordPress Live Search

Adds “live search” functionality to your WordPress site. Uses the built-in search and jQuery.

AskApache Google 404

Displays unbeatable information to site visitors arriving at a non-existant page (from a bad link). Major SEO with Google AJAX, Google 404 Helper, Re

SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF)

SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF) is an Ajax powered modal contact form. It utilizes the jQuery JavaScript library and the SimpleModal jQuery plugin.


Monetize your blog! A lot of features to monetize your blog! Support: Sponsors Box,Text Link ADs,My Target, etc.

Post and Comment Growth

Generates a graph to display population growth for posts and comments.


Author: Pier-Luc Petitclerc Author URI: http://blog.fusi0n.org prettyPhoto is a themeable Lightbox clone for jQuery.


Adding autocomplete functionality to the blog search input field. The values provided are the tags and categories used in the blog.

Hackadelic Table Of Contents Boxes

Easy to use, freely positionable, fancy AJAX-style table of contents for WordPress posts and pages.

WP SIMILE Timeline

Integrates the SIMILE Timeline into WordPress and provides an option interface for the various timeline settings.

Parallel Load

Load Javascript files in parallel by using document.write tag.

DM Albums

DM Albums™ is an inline photo album/gallery plugin that displays high quality images and thumbnails perfectly sized to your blog.

UWA Widgets

Let users add UWA widgets on their WordPress dashboard.

WP e-Commerce

WP e-Commerce is a Web 2.0 application designed with usability, aesthetics, and presentation in mind.


Insights allows you to quickly access and insert information (links, images, videos, maps..) into your blog posts.

ThickBox Content

ThickBox Content provides a quick and easy way to insert any type of content into a thickbox (via page/post editor). It supports thickbox iFrame, Ajax

WP Ajax Edit Comments

Allows users and admins to edit comments on a post. Users can edit their own comments for a limited time, while admins can edit all comments.

Kish Twitter

An ajax based twitter plugn for wordpress


Automatically generate tags/keywords via Wordsfinder API.

WordPress Thread Comment

wordpress thread comment

Smart Map

This plugin allows you to easily insert Google Maps into your blog. QUICK + SMART + FAST

Hackadelic Sliding Notes

Ajax sliders for content fragments. Fancy replacement for foot- and other notes.

SMS Text Message

Allows a reader to submit their phone number through a sidebar widget. The blog owner then can periodically send alerts, updates, etc via SMS to ever


Apture lets you add images, videos, maps, music, news, and documents and books to create a connected media experience that keeps readers engaged.

aNobii WordPress Widget

aNobii WordPress Widget is a WordPress widget which shows randomly the covers of some books from your aNobii’s shelf.

Textile Live Preview

Allows you to place a realtime comment preview with support for Textile. Based on code by Jeff Minard. Pluginified by Joen Asmussen.


Display recent comments in your blog sidebar.

postMash – custom post order

Customise the order your posts are display in using this simple drag-and-drop Ajax interface.

Admin Management Xtended

Adds AJAX-driven options to some admin management pages with CMS-known functions without having to open the edit screens.

Plugin Manager

View, download and install plugins from WordPress.org Plugin Database from an AJAX’ed interface with a single click of the mouse.


Analyze your visitors traffic with real time statistics, chart, a lot of chronological information and a sidebar Widget.

Vote It Up

The Vote It Up plugin enables visitors to vote for and against posts.

Post Like Counter

Post Like Counter will tell you how many people like your post.

AJAX Login Widget++

A clean AJAX-based login, registration and lost password retrieval widget.


Do it like Google! Define any number of occasions in your BE with a fancy AJAX-Interface and the plugin will display them in time… just like Google.


Popupper is a plugin that enables a blogger to add popups of images and text into their posts.

pageMash > Page Management

Manage your multitude of pages with pageMash’s slick drag-and-drop style, ajax interface. Allows for quick sorting, hiding and organising of page pare

Business Directory

The Business Directory plugin for WordPress is an easy way to host a free directory page.

TDO Mini Forms

This plugin allows you to add themed custom posting forms to your website that allows your readers (including non-registered) to submit posts.

AJAX Random Posts

Displays a list of random posts using AJAX. Works with cache plugins, and highly customizable.

WordPress Flickr Manager

Handles uploading, modifying images on Flickr, and insertion into posts.


Enhance your Registration Page. Require First Name, Last Name. Add custom fields. Require custom fields.

WP Captcha-Free

WP Captcha-Free is a lightweight plugin that blocks automated comment spam without using captcha (image verfication).

Hackadelic Series

Lightweight, complete series management solution for WordPress.

WP Wall

“Wall” widget that appears in your blog’s side bar. Readers can add a quick comment about the blog as a whole, and the comment will appear in the side

MM Forms

MM Forms is not just another contact form plugin!

Mind3doM RyeBread Widgets

Allows to extend your blog with class-based skinnable ajax-featured widgets, optionally arranged in page areas (containers).

Ajax Comment Preview

Visitors to your site can preview their comments with a click of a button.

Lightbox 2

Used to overlay images on the current page. Lightbox JS v2.2 by Lokesh Dhakar. Mad props to Tanin for his crucial regular expression code! You rock!!

WP Recommender

Plugin gives recommendations based on posts user have seen on your blog.


Set a keyword or phrase and NewsTweet constantly pulls twitter posts containing that word or phrase.

teaser slider

show an ajax sliding carosel of random posts

FV Community News

Let Users Submit News To Your Site.

Alexa Rank

This plugin allows you add the Alexa Rank of your website into your blog.

Google PageRank

This plugin allows you add the google PageRank of your website into your blog.

Cool Weather

This plugin allow you add the custom weather reports into your blog.

WordPress Slidebox

Slidebox can show slide panel with custom color. This release show only the blog tagcloud.


EasySMS provides an easy way for readers to subscribe to SMS updates and for admins to send SMS messages to groups.


Easy marketer link masking and more. With WP Marketer manage your in text and performance marketing programs without having to use multiple tools


Show the links in multiple columns.

AJAX Page Loader

AJAX Page Loader will load posts, pages, etc. without reloading entire page.


Yet Another Flickr Template manager… what else? :)

Comment Reactor

The Comment Reactor plugin replaces your comments with the feature-packed commenting system from http://commentreactor.com.

Blibahblubah Tag Cloud

Blibahblubah allows the blog owner to customize the tag cloud so that mousing over the tag cloud will see customizable effects.

Great Real Estate

Great Real Estate provides functionality to turn your WordPress installation into a content managed real estate website.


Adds the Oomph Microformats toolkit’s microformat overlay to any WordPress-generated pages (as long as the page has a microformat in it, of course).


Adds an AJAX poll system to your WordPress blog. You can also easily add a poll into your WordPress’s blog post/page.


Adds an AJAX rating system for your WordPress blog’s post/page.


Allows people to recommend/send your WordPress blog’s post/page to a friend.


Enable you to display how many users are online on your WordPress blog with detailed statistics.


This plugin allows you to add an ajax-updated countdown to your blog.


Let admin create a page to do automatic exchange links with other webmaster

AJAX Comment Pager

AJAX paging plugin for comment pages in WordPress 2.7 or higher versions.

Live Blogroll

Shows a number of ‘recent posts’ for each link in your Blogroll in a popup box, using Ajax.


WP-CodeBox provides clean syntax highlighting and AJAX advanced features for embedding source code within pages or posts. It support wide range of pop

Search-By-Suggestions SBS

Search-By-Suggestions (SBS) zeigt je nach Eingabe ins Suchfeld eine Auswahlbox mit Vorschlägen an.


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  2. there is another AJAX plugin called wp-comment-master. check it out on at http://yjlblog.com

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    I actually use wp-post rating, and for the past few months I removed it because I was thinking does it helps to increase/decrease traffic or good/bad to search engine? If somebody rates you 5 star or below rating… Can somebody answer if you know? I’m just curious! I love your plugin list, I appreciate it!

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