30 Awesome 404 Error Pages

404 error pages appear when website users click a broken link, taking them to a page that has been removed or whose address has been changed.  But while the experience itself is a nuisance, a 404 error page doesn’t have to be all bad.  In fact, it’s become a growing trend that 404 pages are where even the most serious of companies and big businesses can have a little fun, poking fun at themselves or the user, or simply the 404 error experience itself.

The following thirty examples show the myriad ways in which 404 error pages can actually be a great outlet for creativity.  The range of options is unlimited.  A 404 error page can consist of computer humor, like 8 bit Peoples or IDZR’s pages, continued website themes, like MoMa or Heinz Ketchup’s, playful accusations, like Cut and Taste or Homestar Runner’s, or even serve as the symbol of an existential crisis, like Spiritual but not Religious or Telltale Games’ pages.  Still otherscontain haikus, cute cartoons, and complex designs.  Some 404 pages even take advantage of themomentary pause to tell their visitors to get off the computer and go outside!

1. 8 Bit Peoples


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25 Sleek + Sophisticated Interior Design Sites

This stunning line-up of interior design sites feature all sorts of themes ranging from eco-friendly style, handcrafting and repurposing, chic mid-century interiors, whimsical spaces, furniture, knick-knacks, and optimizing the space of tiny apartments.  Let these stunning interior design sites influence your own interior landscape, and open your mind to new ideas – whether on the web, or in your home.

Interior Design Blogs

Apartment Therapy


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