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Who is that person, who uses Internet but has not heard about Facebook? It is simply not possible. Facebook is one of the social networking sites that have seen the highest growth rate. If Facebook could be considered a country it would be the world’s fourth largest country. Facebook is known to have added 100 million users in a period as short as 9 month! It is quite evident now: Social Networking and specifically Facebook is not simply a trend – it is the future’s way of interaction.

Know Facebook and join the community. Most people become skeptical about websites and social networking communities when they first hear about it. So it is perhaps better to check it out and learn more about it.

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What Is Facebook?

Facebook is the second most popular social networking website today. It is a place where people meet and communicate with each other. You can join an already existing network or build your own new one. Rather than having just one large site, its concept is to have numerous sites in one community.

Who Started Facebook And Why Did He Do It?

Mark Zuckerberg developed Facebook when he was still studying in Harvard. He did so for the sole purpose of communicating and sharing among students in the university. Anyone with a university email ID was qualified to join. However, due to its wide and immediate success the community invited Ivy League schools in. This again was a big hit so in September 11, 2006 it was opened to everyone, not only to students but to people who already worked as well.

Why Should I Join Facebook?

It’s cool to be a part of the Facebook social network. You get a chance to constantly get in touch with your friends. And it’s easy to keep tabs on them as well. You can share photos with them. So it makes sharing the recent happenings in each other’s life more vivid and alive. Or, you can share your recent discovery or favorite video. You can even share notes on your rants and raves about anything. In short, you can share almost everything about you.

Advertising is also done Facebook and you can do it for free. This is one big advantage for budding and even seasoned businessmen to abound the site. It’s easier to promote their products and services because existing users already frequent the site. They no longer have to drive potential customers to the site. Anybody can place an ad. If you’ve got a job to post or a house up for rent you can post it here.

Facebook also enables you to send gifts to your friends if you want to. This is one unique feature that you will only find in this site. The first gift you give is free. But the second and those after that would cost you $1.

You can also “Poke” your friends in Facebook just to say hi. But most people do this to when they want to grab the attention of their friends.

Is It Hard To Use Facebook?

It’s very easy to use Facebook. You will find everything in your page. When you log in, you will immediately see everything about your friends. You will also see who have made contact with you with since your last log in. You will see who had uploaded new photos, made new notes and added new friends. You will see who are going to be celebrating their birthday. You can even see who have updated their profiles. You can also see who have “poked” you. So it is so convenient to reply right away.

With all these features, it’s no wonder why Facebook has exponentially growing been since its inception. It has by far made its mark in the social networking community. And it is still continuing to improve. It is but expected that Facebook will to continue to grow and continue to build strength as well.


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