Complete List of Flickr WordPress Plugins

Flickr is the  best way to  share personal photographs.the service is widely used by bloggers as a photo repository.
and also widely used by WordPress designers and developers. so i collected all Flickr plugins to help all WordPress blog owners find suitable plugin to use.

1.Simple Flickr Photos

Displays Flickr photos based on your settings.

simple flicr photo

2.JumpAround Importer

Plugin to easy import Flick pictures with a certain tags to wordpress and create a draft

3.Flickr Zoom Badge

Show photos from Flickr based on user and/or tag(s), with zoom effect without using Flash.

flickr zoom

4.Alternative WordPress Image Uploader Using Flickr

This plugin was created for those people who are unsatisfied with image resizing capabilities of WordPress uploader. It uses services from Flickr.


A simple and beautiful Flickr widget that supports themes.


Including standard flickr slideshows into your blog. Call your Flickr slideshow by adding <set_id=”XYZ”> to your content. picture backup

Backup flickr’s picture which in page/post External links to flickr’s can change the external links of flickr’s picture to internal links.


flickpress is a tool to insert Flickr photos into your posts, plus a widget to display recent Flickr photos.

9.WP Decoratr

WP Decoratr can automatically find images relevant to your post content from Flickr to spice up your posts.

10.Flickr Flash Badge Widget

Places a Flickr flash badge in your sidebar as a widget and allows for enhanced size, tag, and transition control.

Flickr Flash Badge Widget

11.Tylr Slidr

The Easiest Way to Pull Your Flickr Photos into WordPress.

12.Flickr Gallery

Quickly and easily add Flickr galleries, photos, and even custom search results into your WordPress pages and posts.

13.Flickr + Highslide

This plugin displays flickr photos using highslide.

Flickr + Highslide


Use tagaroo to get semantic data to use as tags and photo for your posts.

15.Flickr Feed Gallery

Displays Flickr photos available through public Flickr photo feeds.

16.Quick Flickr Widget

Display Flickr photos (by Flickr RSS or Flickr screen name) in your sidebar. Fully customizable HTML. Empowered by Thickbox!

Quick Flickr Widget


Display Flickr items in the sidebar. Supports Flickr RSS, photostream, multiple photosets, favorites, filtering by tag and displaying random photos.


18.Jay Access Flickr

Access Flickr with other known URLs/IPs pointing to these same Hosts!


Displays popup photo thumbnails on mouseover of links to images and Flickr photo pages.



Allows you to integrate Flickr photos into your site. It supports user, set, favorite, group and community photostreams.


J-Flickr provides shortcode (e.g. [flickr key=”value”]) syntax access to the Flickr API.

22.Flickr PhotoStream Widget

Flickr PhotoStream displays Authors photostreams links as a sidebar widget. If Shadowbox plugin installed, the photostream Lightbox will appear.

23.WordPress Flickr Manager

Handles uploading, modifying images on Flickr, and insertion into posts.

24.Flickr Tag

Insert Flickr sets, tags, photostreams, group pools or individual photos into your posts using a special WordPress tag.

Flickr Tag

25.Random Flickr Favorites

Generates a IMG tag with one of your favourites @

26.Photos Flickr

Photos Flickr provides for basic browsing of a Flickr photo stream from within a WordPress blog.


Yet Another Flickr Template manager… what else? :)

28.Get Flickr Thumbnails

Get Flickr Thumbnails plugin can get thumbnails for photos on your site that from

29.Slickr Gallery

This plugin shows your Flickr photos on your WordPress site and allows you to easily add your Flickr photos to your posts. It requires a Lightbox plug

30.Flickr Photo Album

This Flickr plugin for WordPress will allow you to pull in your Flickr photosets and display them as albums on your WordPress site.

Flickr Photo Album

31.Photo Dropper

Lets you add Creative commons licensed Photos to Your Posts from Flickr.

32.Flickr Mini Gallery

This plugin is a gallery generator / lightbox view combo. Very easy to add to your post or page [miniflickr user=”your_user_code” tags=”tag1&tag2″


Easily add Creative Commons licensed images to your wordpress posts.


This plugin allows you to embed a Simpleviewer Flash Object integrated with a Flickr account.

35.Flickr Thumbnails Photostream

The Flickr Thumbnails Photostream plugin makes including and linking to photos on a Flickr account simple and flexible.


Insert photos into your posts and pages, browsing your Flickr PhotoStream, Favorites or Sets, directly from the WordPress admin.


37.WordPress Imager

WordPress Imager is a way to harmonically integrate flickr galleries into post and template of your WordPress blog.

38.Flickr Tag Cloud Widget

This is plugin for the Widget Sidebar in WordPress. It will display your flickr tags as a tag cloud in your blog’s sidebar.

Flickr Tag Cloud Widget

39.Blogroll Nofollow

This sidebar widget displays photos from the Flickr database.


A plugin to display users’ flickr favorites on their WordPress sites. Uses Favoritas de Flickr en RSS (now included and renamed to ‘flickrss.php’).

41.WordPress Flickr Manager

Handles uploading, modifying images on Flickr, and insertion into posts.


Picturegrid shows photos from a specific set from your flickr account (or just recent photos) in your wordpress blog, with or without a lightbox.

43.Flickr Comment Importer

Import comments from your Flickr Stream into your blog posts of the same name.

44.Flickr Post

Automatically includes specially tagged Flickr photographs in WordPress posts.

45.Flickr Widget

A widget which will display your latest Flickr photos.

46.Photo of the Day – flickr widget

Adds a sidebar widget to display photo of the day images from flickr photo stream

47.Wordpress Media Flickr

You can post with flickr photo, on visual editor toolbar. It’s very interactive interface than other plugins.

48.Scriblio flickr Importer

Imports flickr photos.

49.Flickr Slideshow Plugin

The Flickr Slideshow plugin allows WordPress blog operators to easily embed slideshows of their Flickr photo sets in to posts and pages.


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11 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for the list, a useful start.

    How about rating the plugins, ease of installation, use, customisation, quirks.

    I often find I need to download a flickr plugin and play with it before realising it’s not exactly what I was after. More demo’s would be ideal!

    Thanks for the list, I’ll enjoy trying out some new discoveries.

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks for the info!

  3. Jenn says:

    I agree with Andy. More detail about the plugins would be great. I also use the trial and error method, but that wastes a lot of time. A lot of these plugins don’t include much of a description, user experiences or screenshots where if they did I’d be able to sort through them quicker.

    Great list though! I’m working my way down it.

  4. sriram raj says:

    Great List of WordPress Plugins. Thanks for the information

  5. IMO the best flickr wordpress plugin is Slick Flickr which is at – this one looks really good, allows you to use lots of different views, includes slideshow and gallery and allows use of tags or sets or by users.

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