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Everybody seems to have a website nowadays. From bestselling authors like Jeffrey Archer to super hit movie stars like Selena Gomez and from the business based website of that local store to the aspiring writer down your street who blogs on Sundays – all have their own websites.   So maybe you too are planning to get a website designed for yourself but you are not a professional coder and do not have any good enough knowledge of things like HTML and CSS. What to do? IM Creator provides you with a solution.

create a website

IM creator is a website which is actually a free and easy website builder tool. Your website will be up and running in just three easy steps as described below in detail.

Step 1 – Choose a design

If you are a model and want to break through into the movie industry and want a website to be your portfolio then you need a different design than what you would have needed if you were a restaurant owner and wanted to publicize your restaurant with a professional net presence. IM Creator provides you with a lot of templates to choose from. Each month they publish dozens of new templates to accommodate your needs. Portfolio websites, websites for business oriented uses, websites for restaurants, etc. all sorts of templates are available on IM Creator.

Step 2 – Customize

Well, of course you won’t want to use the pre made templates just as they are. You will need to replace the existing images and text materials with your own stuff. IM Creator allows you to make this substitution with much ease and flexibility. I must add that all templates come with quality content so they are pretty close to completion. The goal of IM Creator is to provide you with an “almost-done” website so you won’t face any difficulties in customization.

Step 3 – Publish

Yes you read it write, after just two steps we reached “publish”. Once you are finished choosing a template and customizing it you can publish your website for the world to see.  You can buy a domain name and web hosting plan from IM Creator. In case you already own a domain name you can add your IM Creator’s website to your domain name. For technical reasons IM Creator requires that you need to host your website on IM Creator’s servers itself. Three types of hosting plans are available. See the image below for details. Note that IM Creator allows you to have an absolutely free website with the first plan below.

choose plan

You will also get your own professional email address. (Which means something like and not The site build will be Google friendly so that you get a lot of traffic from the search engine giant.

IM Creator for designers

If you are web designer then you can earn money with IM Creator. You need to design a professional template and submit it to IM Creator. If chosen, your template will be displayed on their website where people can buy it. You will get a monthly earning with each use of the design.

So go and check out the site and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.


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