The danger of public Wi-Fi network

Free Wi-Fi hot spots are available at every corner. Apart from convenience these networks can bring only additional problems as attract cyber criminals who are targeting the private data of naïve Wi-Fi users.

The majority of us are managing numerous personal issues while drinking coffee at a café or waiting for a flight at an airport – browsing social media, making online payments, sharing business files with colleagues of simply chatting with friends. Without proper protection, all data becomes vulnerable and the best way to prevent theft is finding suitable VPN provider.

This type of online activity protection is widely used in business environment as remote employment is popular these days. But not only office network required solid protection but private one as well. Usually, providers allow connecting numerous devices to one account ensuring safe online activity for all family members. This is an extremely useful feature and in order to find out more it is wiser to look through bestvpnrating and choose the most suitable service. Almost every day we are using our smartphones to browse the web while at a public place, and here are main disadvantages of these networks:

  • Poor encryption fails to provide sufficient level of protection leaving us exposed to malware, hackers, cyber bullying and many more;
  • The quality of speed is disappointing as great amount of people are surfing the net at the same time;
  • Hackers’ attacks don’t surprise us anymore as anyone with the right tools and average skills is able to steal personal data.

In case you value privacy and don’t want to provide snoopers with an access to your private life – think about choosing the reliable VPN service.


Top rated VPNs 2017

Today, it is not hard to find trusted VPN service according to one’s demands and requirements. Make sure that the chosen provider corresponds to all expectations and offers complete online anonymity while working remotely or travelling.

Here are some of the issues to clarify when choosing a VPN service:

  • Amount of servers plays a major role as it ensures the quality of connection;
  • Encryption methods also should be taken into consideration;
  • Availability of customer support makes everything easier as at any time users are provided with answers to all questions.


Here are front runners of 2017 that proved their efficiency and earned our trust:

  1. ExpressVPN offers up to 1500 IPs to ensure complete anonymity. Affordable prices, no logs policy, compatibility with wide range of devices make this service stand at the top;
  2. NordVPN as well has impressive reputation and huge amount of loyal clients. What makes this service exceptional? Unrestricted Internet from any corner of the world, safe Wi-Fi, kill switch option, lightning speed and much more;
  3. PureVPN ensures money back feature, offers various payment options, compatibility with up to 20 devices, 5 multi logins per one account and ensures unrestricted Internet access for every user.

Your web surfing experience can be completely safe if you use the services of a good VPN provider.


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