Moving Home? Here’s How Groupon Coupons Could Save You Money And Stress!

Whether you’re moving to a new home for the first time or are upgrading to somewhere bigger, one thing is for sure: you’ll have to spend a lot of money! You have to pay for things like removal costs, packing material, utility connections at your new home, in fact, the list goes on!

If you are moving home soon, what if there was a way to ease the financial burden and make the process less stressful at the same time? The good news is that you CAN save money while moving, and, no, that doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself and live without any power or running water!

Groupon Coupons

Thanks to the magic of Groupon coupons, anyone planning to move home soon can save themselves a lot of cash! Curious as to how that is possible? Check out these fresh examples to lighten the load on your wallet:

Staples: save 25% on packing tape


Let’s face it; one of the things that you need to do is spend a lot of time packing your worldly possessions into boxes! To achieve that goal, you’re going to need lots of sturdy cardboard boxes. But, it’s also important to use high-quality packing tape. Otherwise, you could end up with your valuables breaking through and getting damaged in transit!

Thankfully, Staples has got you covered with an incredible 25% off coupon for packing tape. You can choose from a variety of products, such as Scotch Moving & Storage Tape, or Staples own Ultra-Heavy-Duty Shipping Tape.

Hertz: 25% off car rentals through

Hertz car rentals

While you will no doubt have a removal company in mind for most of your possessions, it’s likely that you will want to transport some precious items yourself. But, if you own a small car, how can you achieve that goal without doing scores of trips back and forth to your new place?

It makes sense to rent an SUV or a similarly big vehicle for the days that you want to move your items. That way, you can pack in a lot more items and save yourself having to make less trips. Plus, it’s also ideal if you have a driving license but don’t actually own a car at the moment. 50% off first cleaning


With so much to organize and manage when you move home, the last thing you want to do is spend hours and days cleaning your old home and making your new one sparkling before you move into it.

It makes more sense to hire a professional to do the cleaning for you. What’s more, with a 50% off coupon code for, it’s also an extremely cost-effective idea!

Dominos: 2 large pizzas for just $11.98


Another thing you are unlikely to do after a hard day of moving boxes and unpacking is cook a meal for you and your family. So, why not take advantage of a two-topping pizza offer from Dominos? It’s less than $12 for two large pizzas, perfect if you’ve got a hungry family in tow!


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