7 Elegant Fonts You Simply Must Use

There’s no denying that typography is an essential part of good design. More than the graphical elements like layout, texture, and pattern, typography is essential because it carries the message and transforms an otherwise abstract string of words into something visually tangible. When you have the right font, you send the right message.

Now and then there might be an occasion that calls for elegant script fonts. Perhaps a Serif font will be elegant enough, too. Whichever way, here are several typefaces that may suit your design needs.

Centeria Script

centeria font

The upright slant, the perfectly rounded curls, and the fine lines makes the Centeria Script at par with the most elegant script fonts. The perfectly measured spaces and symmetrical proportions give off a sense of order and propriety, while not failing to be ever so elegant in strokes and overall appeal.

Henry Morgan Hand

henry morgan font

Interestingly, there was indeed a man named Henry Morgan, who was an Admiral of the Royal Navy and made a career out of being a privateer and a pirate. He was born circa 1635 and a woodcut portrait of him was made some time ago. If you would imagine old century handwriting in navigation maps and legal documents of a time bygone, Henry Morgan Hand would fit the bill.


avanti font

Though essentially a Serif font the thin, extended lines add a bit of elegance to an otherwise regular serif font. In small caps fashion, only the first letter of the world is built with flourish while the rest of the letters are rendered in a plainer uppercase for readability. Avanti especially suites one-word logos and brand names.


mardian font

Mardian can be the name of a tribe, a politician, or the eunuch that attends to Cleopatra in the Shakespeare play. Whatever this could be, the typeface’s sharp strokes coupled with fine curls exude a strong yet refined sense of elegance. The uppercase fonts are especially decorated with round curls that are ornamental but not overdone.

Sverige Script

sverige font

Unlike its perfectly elegant script cousins, Severige Script gives off a raw appeal with its open curves and slightly irregular slants.  Sverige, a conjunction of the words Svea and Rike, is sometimes used in reference to Sweden or the Swedes. This typeface with its minimal yet undeniably elegant strokes, is a refreshing break from your overly ornate script fonts.

Roskrift Clean

roskrift font

Roskrift clean by Måns Grebäck is a more casual script font but is still elegant enough to use for formal purposes. Almost like a handwriting, the fine edges almost seem to be made with a sharp stroke of the hand in ink. The font is casual, but determined. Perfect for statement names, logos, and the like.

1610 Cancellaresca Lim

cancellaresca font

The Cancellaresca Script has been part of the long history of typography. In the 16th century the typeface was used as a medium for “New Learning” throughout Christianity. The font has developed from the typefaces created by scribes of the papal chancery, which was an important part of the structure of the medieval Catholic Church. Perhaps the 1610 Cancellaresca Lim aims exude the feel of pouring over ornate gold-plated books, searching for knowledge.


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    Wow… most of the shown script fonts are really bad!! Poorly kerned, wacky transitions from letter to letter, and regarding “AVANTI”: the line contrasts are simply wrong!

  2. Loving that Mardian font type. Thanks for the share!

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