5 Finance Apps To Make Your Life Easier

Planning your monthly expenditure and making a budget is one hell of a task. With the constant increase in the number of activities that require money and completely messed up finances, it has become very hard for people to manage their budget. To incorporate hundred different things in one budget and keep a track of all of them is not something everybody is capable of, and doing it on paper or opening your laptop again and again whenever you get reminded of something is not very easy. This is a problem that everybody faces and our developers understand this well, and this is the reason why they have created a number of great apps that can easily manage your finances. Phones and our tabs are the most accessible devices that we have and finance apps are something that has become very useful nowadays. There are a number of apps that help you in managing your expenditures easily and here are the top 5 of them that you can use.

Easy Money

Easy Money APP

This app is something that does it all for you and is very user-friendly. Forgetting the due date of your bill is not something uncommon and this app helps you out with it. It provides you constant reminders of due dates and also lets you keep a track of your expenses and transactions. All you have to do is feed the income and expenses and it will do the rest.


This is a software that most people agree to be one of the best. Financisto is a software that is rich in features and gives a number of options to its users. Apart from being completely free, the other plus points include a complete platform which supports multiple accounts for your credit and debit cards and other money accounts. You can make a budget depending on your expenses and income and also sync the data with Google Docs and access it in your mail as well.

Mint App

mint app

This is another popular money-managing app that people love to use. Mint app is also completely free and enables you to keep a track on all your accounts. Knowing the transactions, deposits, and available amount was never this easy and the best part about this app is that it makes categorization a simpler job. Right from making a budget for you to sort out expenses in categories like food, groceries, medical Et Cetra. Basically, it will warn you if you spend more than your budget allows or when there is an unusual spending, which ultimately helps you to be careful not to overspend and to save money. This app works for android as well as iOS devices and also gives an option for pie charts for tabs. Apart from all this, this app also recommends best debit and credit card deals to you depending upon your finances and helps you in saving more money.

Grocery Gadget

This app is a lifesaver for those who face a hard time making grocery lists and spend a long time in supermarkets trying to figure out names from tattered grocery lists. Grocery Gadget is a productivity app that helps you in shopping management by providing you with an option to easily write rewrite and add things to your list. This free-of-cost app also helps you in cutting down your grocery bill by providing you with discount e-coupons from various stores. In addition to all the above mentioned features, you can also take pictures of the items, add your own notes, and also create different lists and manage them by deleting, adding and ticking whatever that you have taken. This way when you leave the market, you have your total bill, the balances and the taxes listed out for you. This makes your shopping experience much better.


PageOnce app

This is another very popular app that manages your finances very easily. The best part about this app is that apart from managing your finances, it also keeps a track of your phone usage which includes texts, minutes and data usage. You can keep multiple accounts, handle your personal banking needs, and keep track of your transactions and investments, and payment reminders as well. This app is user-friendly and doesn’t confuse the users. It can be synced with web interfaces and your money problem is managed well.

These 5 apps are varied in nature and will cater to your different financial needs right from personal banking and budgeting to grocery shopping and bill payments. Ultimately, these great and easy-to-use apps make your financial management easier and your life better.

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