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mSpy spy mobile software used worldwide by Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 users. The software makers are always striving hard to make it compatible with the new versions of cell phones that are introduced by the companies in the market.

Site where you can check this software is



It’s easy to install the software with whatever mobile gadget you are using. The overall process takes a few minutes. Simply, you need to connect to the internet, download the app from their website and install the app physically in your cell. For further details, you should follow the detailed user guide provided by the company that gives you step by step instructions. Note that these guidelines are provided separately for every type of smartphone. Access internet fast by connecting your computer to a mini wireless network adapter.

The app works silently in the background once it’s installed. There would be an account creation at the time of subscription and this account can be tracked remotely also. The use of this app will allow you to monitor the cell phone activities of your spouse, children and employees, as whether they are following the instructions or not.

Uses of mSpy

mSpy is very useful for parents as they can monitor their children indulging in immoral or unlawful activities and not following the instructions that the parents have outlined for them.

At the same time, married users can track the activities of their spouse’s cell phone and know whether they are involved in some kind of extra marital affair.

Company managers or owners can track the activities of their employees. If there is a suspicion of embezzlement of funds or any kind of activity harmful to the organization, tracking the cell phone activity with mSpy can come handy.

mSpy functions in the background and there is hardly any sign that can give clue about the vigilance. This is one of the main advantages of this app.


Location tracking: Ground Positioning System (GPS) gives you an extra edge if you want to confirm the location of your spouse, children, or employees. You can verify whether they are speaking the truth or not.

Call tracking: All types of call activity are recorded using this system. mSpy records all call details whether incoming or outgoing including the time and duration of all particular calls. Children using cell phones during their study hours, and employees using company phones for personal calls can be easily tracked with this app.

SMS Tracking: Just like calls, the details of all SMS texts is recorded using this app. This applies to both sent and received SMS texts. Even after deletion, these messages can be read. Your spouse doing some immoral activity or employees sharing crucial information with your competitors can be uncovered using this app.

Apart from these specific features, the app tracks emails, internet history, contacts, pictures and videos stored on the phone. If you are not satisfied with these features and want to try advanced ones, you can download the Pro version and can actually listen to the conversations and the phone surroundings live.


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