How To Integrate Social Media And Content Marketing?

Indeed, with each passing day, the world is becoming even smarter!! In every sector, a new innovation is creating some huge difference. So, when it comes to business, then the scenario remains the same even. And, here, the word which plays a significant role is nothing but the marketing strategy.

In today’s era, if a certain business is not able to promote itself perfectly then there is no doubt in the fact that it would not attain the expected high level of success!! It’s because amid of such a cut-throat competition that is present all over if you are a businessman then it becomes quite obligatory for you to stand-out while showcasing your business in the best possible way.

Moreover, gone are the days of those conventional marketing approaches like distributing advertisement pamphlets, going for TV ads and so on. Now, businesses are being more technologically sound when it comes to promoting themselves.

And, if you are a yet another businessman then you must not be unaware of the magical way how can the greatly curated content and social media entice the maximum possible number of leads?

Moreover, an amalgamation of both of these can be yet more effective.

Well, want to know how to integrate social media and content marketing to enhance your sales?

Then, here I am with a list of such approaches. Have a look!

  • Post at the right time

If you tend to post lucrative content in the social media to promote your business then you need to make sure that you are doing the same at the right time when there is an opportunity that your posts would get a maximum number of views and shares.

The peak hours for every single social media platform is different. So, you need to find out the correct time to post a content on any particular social media platform. It would increase the chance of shareability.

  • Repost your articles

If you expect that your each and every blog or any other sort of your content would go viral on the web when you post for the very first time then you are wrong.

Rather, you need to post the same article more than once and then only it will start gaining immense traction. And, make sure that you are sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter etc.

As it is more likely that a huge number of people remain online on social media most of the time then the chances of your content getting intense exposure is quite more. Just keep one thing in mind that while reposting you ought not to keep the same title for the articles always as it will lower the interest of your customers and readers.

  • Don’t go for only links

A wide section of marketers bears such an idea in their mind that social media is something through which they can let people rush towards their brand. So, they think that just posting some links dutifully to their website every day is enough.

But, the strategy doesn’t work unless the groundwork is laid and that is creating a social media profile with great content and accompanying links to attract more customers.

  • Give importance to the analytics

If any particular content of yours is not performing well then posting the similar type of content again and again over the social media platforms won’t be a great idea.

Instead, you can act a little bit smarter and keep an eye on the Google analytics. On doing so, you will get an idea about which content is working well and what is not working. Thus, you would be able to tailor a perfect marketing strategy accordingly.

  • Personalize your posts

Social media is one of the most lively and effective mediums to advertise your business. And, at the same time, the same is very communicative. So, if you want to go for a fantastic promotional strategy while including content and social media then you need to make sure that your posts should have a personal touch within the same along with the information about the products that you want to sell.

It’s because if there is nothing more than just mere promotions in your contents then the customers would gradually start ignoring your business. So, add some human factor to your marketing strategy with such an approach!

Concluding Words

There is no doubt in the fact that a potent social media platform like Facebook or Twitter is one of the significant online modes where a huge range of people remains active all the time. According to the statistical data, there are more than 2.45 billion social media users present all over the world.

And, when it comes to brand awareness of any business, then nowadays nothing can create a deeper impact other than the great contents. So, follow these aforementioned tips, feed your customers with high-end contents through social media and thus you will surely observe an accelerated graph of the return on the efforts that you would make.

About Author:

Neil Helson is the marketing manager at Blurbpoint Media, SEO and digital marketing company. Neil is passionate in helping small businesses and startups grow online.


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