How to Use Social Media Quizzes as a Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Have you ever thought of using social media quizzes to engage with your audience and build brand awareness at the same time? On one hand, Social Media is one of the basic pillars of any business marketing strategy. On the other hand, quizzes are fun! So, let’s mix it up together and find a way to make it a powerful tool to boost our business. Let’s take a deeper look at how and why you must create a quiz!

Why is a good idea to create an online quiz for our social media?

Maybe you’ve never thought about the benefits of online social media quizzes, but they are numerous! So, let’s go over them!

  1. Quizzes increase engagement. Your audience will be willing to interact with your brand, because this type of questionnaire is quick and fun. That way, you will make people feel like they are part of your community, which impacts positively on your brand awareness.
  2. You learn about your audience. Quizzes are a fun way to gather information about your public. For instance, if your company sells furniture, a simple and original quiz about interior design can help you develop your next product.
  3. Quizzes are very, very sharable. Since they are such fun, this type of content is highly likely to be shared on social media. Therefore, your quiz will spread easily and more people will be exposed to your product or brand.
  4. It can be part of a lead generation strategy. Quizzes can help you generate leads. How? You can offer incentives at the end of the questions in exchange for people’s email addresses, for instance.

What do I need to create an engaging online quiz?

There are some basic ingredients to the perfect online quiz. From the title to the design, everything counts when you’re trying to catch people’s attention.

  • A killer title. You need to come up with a catchy and attractive phrase. Make people curious about the quiz.
  • Your questions must be engaging. People want to have fun, so the questions should be exciting. And, of course, keep it short and clear, it shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes.
  • The quiz must be aesthetically pretty. Images are one of the most powerful tools to catch people’s attention and cause an impact.
  • Make it easy to share. You should include call-to-actions, encourage people to share the quiz or direct them to your website, for instance. Plus, bear in mind that people will only be willing to share it voluntarily if the result of the quiz is positive.
  • Find the technology to create and publish the quiz. Find an online tool that allows you to create the quiz according to your brand values and needs. For instance, Typeform offers a quiz builder that can be personalized and they even offer some templates to make the job that much easier.

What type of online quiz should I make?

There are a lot of different options. Depending on your brand purposes you will have a different goal and therefore you’ll need different types of questions.

Knowledge quizzes

A classic, it will never let you down. People love to test themselves and share their results (when they get a high score, of course). Make sure it is a mix between knowledge and entertainment.

Personality test

This quiz will match people’s personal traits to a specific result that can be a personality pattern, a product, a lifestyle, a famous character… anything you want! If you own an ecommerce, you can match people’s personality to a specific product. For instance, a comic store could make a quiz about “which superhero are you”.

Shopping quiz

Basically, this is a product recommendation questionnaire. The user would answer questions to find the best product that matches their needs or preferences, which can result in conversion. An example could be a quiz about which type of lipstick looks best on you.

Final thoughts

The key to using online quizzes on your social media profiles is to stay true to your brand values but think about your audience as well. It should be useful for you, but fun and entertaining for them. And above all, make sure the quiz is easy to share!


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