Top Three IT Certifications For 2013

When hiring employees in IT organization the one thing that any employer looks for is the presence of an IT certification validation on the resume. An advantage of acquiring certification is the demonstration of commitment to ongoing education, it never lets learning stop. This fact cannot be changed and it’s the truth that these certification courses not only provide knowledge but offer extensive grooming, whether it’s in career, beginning or a change in job. This entire process links to the after affects of acquiring a certification, but before this there’s always one question for which everyone needs an answer. The question is “which IT certification should I choose for the current year?”
The globe covered by information technology moves speedily and changes quickly. A challenge for any IT professional is to develop and maintain skills for the current IT requirements. When any individual has the capabilities and skills meeting the current needs of an organization, then why wouldn’t the employer hire such people? The answer is that you do get hired and along with this honor you get paid high depending on the type of certification you acquire of course. Your first step for choosing an IT certification will depend totally on your interest and the second step involves the right step, which depends on your surrounded IT requirements. Here are three best IT certifications listed which will have high importance in 2013 and your career.
These selections of these listed certifications are based on our own industry experts, the trends shown by Google and the current year’s developments.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification:


Take a look around yourself and see how wired people have become. It might just be technology and an addiction to it might just be a sign of a shift in business environment, but mentally. If you cannot see this effect in people then take a look at the major companies, Apple, Blackberry, Android and so forth. The trend of traditional everything has moved towards devices becoming wired and this is why Cisco CCNA certification with exam code 640-802 is an appealing accreditation for this current year and the importance of this certification has been persistent throughout.
The ways how businesses are approaching communication and connectivity are strong indications of how they are doing businesses. This also applies on IT enterprise infrastructures, the way they are structuring their operations, systems and networks; all moving towards wireless with security. A CCNA certified professional has the abilities of setting up, troubleshooting, monitoring, upgrading and, maintaining network hardware’s. When all these structures involve the need of a Network Administrator, IT manager, Engineer, IT Support person or a system Support person then you cannot be wrong in choosing CCNA Certification as your career path for 2013.
The pay of these certified professionals is more than just mentioning and the prestige given is just an additional factor. CCNA certification has three paths to choose from; CCNA Security, CCNA Voice and CCNA Wireless. All the paths lead to a successful goal.

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) Certification:


The reason why MCST certification with exam code 70-680 became our second chosen best IT certification is based on Windows business world’s realties. The most widely used hardware’s and software’s throughout the world are provided by Microsoft (Microsoft libraries and servers). Microsoft Certifications range in their levels, from associate level to expert level; MCTS applies to everyday server issues and operations. The professionals with this certification are experts in all the skills which IT professionals desire.
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certification is one among many certifications which boost the career and salary. You can be an IT consultant, System Administrator, IT manager, or a Support technician but your value would be appreciated and your worth will not be denied.

CompTIA Network+ Certification:

CompTIA Network

CompTIA certifications build skills to do jobs, installations, configurations, handling of network technologies, media and topologies and management along with security. CompTIA offers three series of vendor neutral certifications; CompTIA Network+, CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security+. Each one of these is starting of an amazing IT career and recommendation by major companies. Our selection for today is CompTIA Network+ with exam code N10-005; it designates you as Network Administrator, Network Installer, Network Technician, Help Desk technician and IT cable Installer.
Your fortune can shine with companies such as HP, Dell, Sharp, and Xerox etc. which require a CompTIA Network+ professional. For job in Apple as an Apple consultant Network, the leading company has set Network+ certification as a prerequisite. The certifications offered by compTIA are basic but offer a solid platform for higher growths.


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