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Promoting your brand or marketing your services and products can be expensive, particularly if you invest your time and money in setting up a marketing department. For the smaller enterprise this is just not cost effective, but there are cheaper and more effective ways of getting information about your business out there on view, and one way is to invest in promotional items of clothing and accessories from Brandawear.


The key to successful promotional products is that they have to be functional, well made and attractive to the eye. Shirts and t-shirts are the best promotional items because it turns the people who are wearing them, into walking advertisements for your brand. Having a well designed,item of clothing with the company logo or tag line embroidered or printed on the front or sleeves, along with contact details will raise awareness of your brand. Once this happens, then it is in effect, turning your customers into “free ambassadors” of your product. If they continue to wear the item, and it is of high quality as all brand a wear products are, this alerts the onlooker or potential customer to the fact that your business and service is also of very high quality.

If you are looking to promote your business to the 18-24 age bracket, then look no further than getting your name and company seen out and about across college and university campuses. This can be carried out very easily if you offer branded bags as promotional items, because few students will turn down the offer of a free product. If the bags are large enough to carry books and even a laptop, plus have a colourful design and logo, then it will certainly get used on a daily basis and your information will be seen around town on a daily basis.

Smaller items can also be considered, again if they are functional and Brandawear provide a range of accessories in a variety of colours and styles to suit your corporate or leisure requirements. Often when marketing it can be difficult for a salesperson to reach the decision maker of a corporate company or organisation. There are usually very effective “gatekeepers” in the form of efficient personal assistants that stop telephone calls or sales representative appointments from being made. However a few carefully chosen and offered promotional items can find their way up into the boardroom or Chief Executives offices very easily in the form of branded towels for example.

Targeting leisure clubs or sports clubs with branded sun visors, golf caps or towels with your business logo on, is another way of bringing your product to the attention of the buying public. Again the colour and design should be chosen to complement the corporate colours of your business, but it is important to ensure that you get the right amount of information on the product. Getting your web address or contact details on the item means that you’ve put your business at the forefront of a potential customers mind.

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