2011: SEO companies are revolving client servicing structure

“2011 may be the year of SEO redesign”. Well, whether the statement is generic or specific will depend on how you digest it. If you accept the statement, it means you are well-prepared with what is unforeseen. If you don’t, it signifies that you are reluctant to believe in change.

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Yet to believe in the fact?

Be it true, false or just an assumption, major search engines have proved that SEO strategy has already started rolling. With recent modification in ranking algorithms most of the SEO companies and professionals are revamping their work structure.

Here a few questions arise:

  • Where does this change actually hit upon?
  • How are SEO professionals reacting to it?
  • What abrupt changes companies are facing while serving their old clients?
  • What are the sign and symptoms, experts and observers can identify and forecast accordingly?
  • What do all these workouts heading towards?

Yes, so many things are happening around. And, you can’t help ignoring the trend.

Should you not believe the changes or don’t see it at all, here are some important findings for you.

  1. SEO companies are trying to change link scopes for their clients. Only one-third of total links are going to be text links.
  2. Popular link-building and directory submissions are being replaced by contextual link development. Reciprocal link exchange or 2-way link development programs are on the verge of extinction.
  3. Social media inclusion is taking place. Clients are asking for promoting their Facebook pages, Twitter profiles.
  4. Blogs are earning huge popularity among website owners. Clients are more interested in putting small links within a paragraph and feature it on the home page of good blogs. It is neither blogroll link nor partner links. The definition of in bound links is changing to “Citation”.
  5. Clients seem least interested in publishing one article in 20 article directories. There is no point syndicating same content in so many places as these are producing only garbage.
  6. Quality and only quality does matter, no matter the price is. It is better to play safer than beating around the bush.

Challenges in front of SEO companies:

If you have been associated with a SEO company that always drives something new to their work culture, you will learn it for sure. For them there are things which do not seem simply granted. If you see trends are changing you must look better alternatives. This is to survive in the industry and maintain the service value for clients. You are bound to make promises to your client and there is no way you can deprive them from the best.

Those who are focusing on R&D, instead of copying what others are doing, are always better side in this battle. If you are the early bird, chances are more that you will get larger space to experiment.

Walk a few extra steps:

Few definite changes are going to take the stage on.  It is time you concentrate on forum and blog participation; create corporate social presence; develop links and recommendations from social sites. Client expectations are changing so are service provider’s routine job.

2011 has just started. But, smart companies have already done the mapping and forecasting job for their clients. If you still wait to follow the leaders, you may end up loosing the ground.

About the Author:
Sanat Singha is a content writer who writes on behalf of Indian SEO Company – Softz Solutions.com. He forecasts on SEO industry to make people aware of recent changes happening around them. Visit http://www.softzsolutions.com to know more about it.


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    SEO companies are battling just to get a client. Fronting a great services or advertising that they can give the clients’ website ranked up in one day but the process of its service is wrong. Spamming on every search engines and enables the site to be blocked. only a few SEO company that gives service strategy right.

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