2 Indispensable Tools to Make Your Website SEO Friendly

Any company, regardless of its size or sector, pursues success in today’s business environment, needs a strong online presence. Designing a great website and providing valuable content for your visitors is simply insufficient to emerge out of the crowd. Beyond creating quality content lies the importance of developing a webpage that pursues interface interaction.

Job search engines like Lensa, take online branding to the next step through data extraction and job sharing to rank better. Lensa uses real-time data from other online recruiters and automates different websites to cater to job seeker’s needs. This results in having millions of job pages that are automated and rank fairly better, while also helping with millions of search queries for different jobs.

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This is an easier and faster way of content development and SEO ranking.

The truth is that the vast majority of people looking up products and businesses online only click on the top search engine results. This is why, if you are interested in boosting your business with online elements, you need your company or brand to rank at the top of search results for targeted keywords. This means tailoring your website and the content it hosts to make it more appealing to search engine algorithms.

In order to produce content that is more likely to rank high in search engine results, many companies hire SEO agencies or freelance writers with experience and know-how in the SEO field. However, as is the case with any valuable service, it comes at a considerable cost.

Nevertheless even Lensa’s growth has the same principle as any other website. SEO research and keyword optimization. If you are looking to improve your business’s online presence there are two popular SEO tools you should definitely check out.

1 – Surfer

Anyone working in the field of SEO – from content creator to digital marketing director and everyone in between – is at least familiar with Surfer, if not using it on a daily basis.

Surfer provides detailed analytics of websites regarding where they rank for specific keywords and what elements contribute to their ranking. This allows content creators, website designers, and digital marketers to tailor their online content in a way that is more likely to catch the attention of search engines. Some of the data points Surfer gives users insight into include:

  • Word count
  • Number of headings
  • Number of paragraphs
  • Length of paragraphs
  • Number of images
  • key words – tangential words and their frequency

Beyond providing detailed analytics, one of the most exciting features of Surfer is its draft creation platform. When creating content using this feature, Surfer will give your score a grade – according to how closely it matches other content that ranks high for the keywords you’ve selected. Surfer will also display the words you need to include and their frequency – including words that should appear in headings.

All of this is accomplished by using a color code which makes it very easy to follow your progress. And by incorporating a grade with its corresponding color wheel, Surfer adds a sort of gamification to the experience of creating online content.

Surfer is also a good place to find resources that could be helpful to the SEO professional or freelancer – including tutorials and masterclasses on the craft. They also host a series of SEO Roast webinars, where experts in the field review web pages and provide insights into why a site might not be performing as well as it should and what steps they could take to improve their search engine results ranking.

Surfer offers 3 different subscription packages:

  • Basic – which comes with a ceiling of 1 team member and 20 website audits – $49 a month
  • Pro – which comes with a ceiling of 3 team members and 60 website audits – $99 a month
  • Business – which comes with a ceiling of 10 team members and 140 website audits – $199 a month

2 – Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an online platform that works much in the same way as Surfer does – though Ahrefs puts the emphasis on comprehensive data analytics while Surfer does this but is more focused on content creation. Ahrefs is a good place for digital marketing professionals to start when trying to develop a successful digital marketing campaign.

Ahrefs allows users to identify the keywords their target customers are likely to use in their queries. It also conducts a comprehensive audit of your website, looking for ways in which you can increase your search engine results ranking. Ahrefs also conducts analyses of your competitors’ sites so you can keep up with – if not gain an edge on – your competition.

Like Surfer, Ahrefs also offers intensive training courses at no additional cost.

Ahrefs has 4 monthly payment plans to choose from:

  • Lite – 1 user with 500 reports: $99 a month
  • Standard – 1 user with 500 reports + expanded history of data and expanded site explorer: $199
  • Advanced – 1 user with 500 reports + expanded history of data and expanded site explorer + integration with Google Data Studio
  • Enterprise – everything in advanced + unlimited history (backlink data from 2013 and keyword ranking data from 2015), directory listing, and more

As is the case when using any sophisticated software, with Surfer and Ahrefs quite a considerable learning curve can be expected. But both sites have resources – training programs, online tutorials, blogs – that will help you understand and master the tools and techniques of SEO professionals.


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