3 Steps to Successfully Implement SEO in a New Entrepreneurship

As entrepreneurs, the first major limitation is defined by our resources.In contrast to big companies like Coca-Cola, Nike or Amazon, we do not have large amounts of capital to invest.

Our only differentiation is the possibility of starting from scratch. If we can implement this successfully,taking advantage ofthe flexibility of not having an already defined huge structure and thousands of rules to follow, then we can have an edge.

Based on this context, in order to make our differential aspect more effective,below I am going to share 3 steps to successfully implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to generate new clients for our Startup:

Start from the inside

To successfully implement these steps, the first thing to do is to begin with ourselves, from within. Our Online development must be 100% optimized so that search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo can navigate and finally index it.

This is not a complex process and less if we start from scratch. We can go step by step implementing every part of our website as it is indicated by the latest developments of algorithm specified by the search engines.

From my own experience and from what it can be observed in other ventures, I would like to emphasize that if we want to carry out this step with efficiency and excellence, we cannot leave this job in someone else’s hands. We, the founders, must be the first ones who understand SEO in a perfect way, then implement it, and finally measure the performance, learn, and then adjust the final details.

For that purpose, I would particularly recommend SEOMOZ, a community where we could learn all we needed to execute SEO successfully from guides, tutorials and videos for free. Also it can be added that this learning, like all those important ones, cannot be taken inovernight, but ratherit takes a lot of time, effort and dedication (though, fortunately for ventures, it requires no capital investment as other media like TV, Radio or Newspaper need)

First, to begin and organize our development, we are going to see a basic example: if we were Apple andspecialized in selling iPhones, we would want that,whenever anyone typed “iPhone” in any search engine,the first result were the Apple website.



In these images, we can clearly see thatthe keyword “iPhone” is repeated sequentially in our development in key locations (URL, Title, Sub-Title, Text, Links, etc.) to indicate to the search engines whatit is specifically that we do and offer. This example can be applied absolutely for everything from dining to e-commerce ventures.

Generate added value

In second place, the focus should be on generatingvalue through the creation of content for our current and future users. Unfortunately, we do not have the branding that huge companies have gained over the years. We are starting from very beginning and we should offer our knowledge, and transmit security and value-added,and then finally, if we did it right, the users may use our product and thus give us their vote of confidence.

Today, the best way to implement this successfully is by developing an institutional Blog where we can share what we learned and basically collaborate with our potential customers.

If our enterprise consists in selling bikes through the Internet, we could then have a section with articles that respond to users’ questions with quality answers. The questions could be: ‘What is the best bike to ride in the city?’;‘How much does a sports bike cost?’; ‘what brand is recommended: Shimano or Sram?’or ‘To what should I pay attention before buying a bike?’

Can you imagine the added value that can be generated by answering these questions with our experience and knowledge? The value is incalculable. In addition, over time, if we find a niche asset, we will be generating our own online community, and then we could open a forum on our website to encourage it even more.

In terms of SEO, this is crucial, particularly because in the future potential users who are in search of this information through Google will be organically led by the search algorithms to the articles published on our website, thus generating new views, and why not future customers.

Let’s see an example that allows us to see it clear. In the case of Airline Lan, if we type “tourist attractions in Madrid” on Google, through the generation of content of the company, the browser itself organically recommended the Airline website to us.


And finally, pay attention to how the same company, after we entered into the web, invites us to buy our tickets using their service.


Continue out wards

Finally, we must move out from our development and look outside. Once the inside work is correctly implemented and running, we should focus on our community, not on mainstream media that will never give us a response (since they have thousands of applications and contacts per day). We should contact specialized journals in the world of cycling for example, attend events, contact digital media in the field, and even get in touch with online communities like forums that specialize in our vertical industry, among others.

In terms of SEO, every like, every reference, every mention, every share, all this adds value to us to grow organically.

Currently,different companies are organizing many draws and contests through social networks; following the previous example, we could offer bicycles, or accessories, for instance. If the prize is attractive,many people may want to participate, and once they do, they would be choosing to participate in our community.

Each digital signal that we give to the search engines will improve our position in them. These search engines have over 200 parameters that define our location and every aspect adds up positively.

A clear example of this is the magazine “TechCrunch”, whose owners give tickets and gifts for those people that are involved in their articlesin one way or another.


As you can see, the web site leads us to share on Facebook and Twitter. Clearly, this has as one of its objectives:the generation of more revenue for their events; however, on the other hand, in terms of SEO, this has a great long-term significance.

Every day the search engines are improving their work to replicate what happens in the offline world, andevery signal counts positively for our venture and its everyday growth. We must go out and start participating in our field by generating and offering our differential value to the community.

Article written by Cristianand Virginia González from the Startup México elMejorTrato.com.


This post is written by guest author, you can also write one here at skyje.com by checking Write For Us page For more information.

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