30 Unbelievable Examples of Street Art

One of the more inspiring elements of street art or graffiti is that it takes such a plain, simple part of our everyday lives and transforms it into something beautiful. Walls, trucks, pavements, drains, suddenly take on a different perspective when you see them as a creative surface to express a humorous or serious idea. Whether a street, the side of a building, or any other public object; street art brings life to what was once unnoticeable and ordinary in a form of ‘art crowdsourcing’ where, simultaneously, multiple artists contribute to the same project.

These examples illustrate incredible transformations of public or private space into colorful spectacles for the passer-by to freely enjoy – clearly an awesome side benefit of street art. Have you got examples of cool crowdsourced street art in your neighborhood? Share your examples in the comments below!

Los Angeles

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