The Many Benefits of Digital Flipbooks

Digital flipbooks, also called online magazines, are not quite e-books, nor are they a form of website or blog. They are lighter and easier to use than PDF’s or other kinds of documents.

Flipbooks tend to have a similar design and layout as magazines. In fact, established, long-running publications like Vanity Fair, Newsweek and Cosmopolitan release their magazines as flipbooks with little to no changes to their design and layout. Online flipbooks can be downloaded but can also be viewed on web browsers. They load much like streaming videos and can be played around.

You don’t have to be a big-time magazine publisher to use digital flipbooks. You or your organization doesn’t even need to have a physical publication to make a flipbook. Flipbooks are fast and efficient, and can be viewed on tablets, desktops, or smartphones.


Beautiful Formatting

Even though people are looking to websites and blogs for information, the layout and design of websites still leaves something to be desired, In spite of the web’s dynamic nature, even well-designed web pages simply do not have the elegance of a publication crafted by professional type-setters and graphic designers.

Digital magazines bring back that familiar “feel” that the web has been slowly killing off. Most major flipbook publishing software have powerful customization tools so that you or your design team can insert logos, make custom backgrounds and colors, and really make an indelible impression with your brand. With digital flipbooks, you can really have some fun simply because there are so few limits.

Pages Come Alive

One of the best things about digital magazines is the interactivity. While online magazines can be designed exactly like a physical, paperback magazine , it can have links, streaming videos, and media that you would normally find on websites or blogs. You can impress your readers by embedding pop-up and interactive images (an item in a catalog that can be viewed from different angles). With shopping catalogs, the clients/customers are able to shop right inside the pages.
FlippingBook, a popular flipbooks publisher, has an Embedding feature, in which customers can instantly add an item to an external online shopping cart without switching between apps or having to leave the pages of the catalog.

Here you can find more information about how to create online magazines –

Built for Mobile

These days, people are practically inseparable from their smartphones and tablets. Physical publications, no matter how fancy the design and layout, are quickly losing its audience to mobile devices. Most flipbbok platforms work flawlessly on Apple and Android devices.

Tracking Statistics with Ease

Most flipbook services have a Tracking feature that lets publishers learn about their audience. This feature lets a publisher know the demographic of their readers, which links they press, and even which pages they interact with. Within 24 hours, you will have reliable information about your visitors and their viewing habits.

Cloud computing is all the rage these days. Fortunately for you and your publication, Digital flipbooks are also part of the Cloud trend. Any flipbook service will let you have fast, reliable access for you and your clients. Storing flipbooks on a dedicated cloud server takes no effort nor extra thought. With a digital magazine, your files are kept private with a password-protected content encryption so that your content is not leaked to anyone who you do not wish to view it.


You can share digital flipbooks in any way you want. You and your clients can easily forward your publications to friends, colleagues and other trusted acquaintances. By sharing, you are able to attract a wide audience. Whether you or your clients share on Instagram, Twiiter, Facebook, or Google+,and, of course, e-mail, digital flipbooks are designed for social media.


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