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Today my dear readers I will present to you Host1Plus – an international hosting company which is getting bigger and bigger very fast due to their exceptional service and support. These two – being the most important aspects in hosting market lets them to be very competitive among other companies. Host1Plus was founded in 2008 and they had their first data center in London, United Kingdom. The company has highly skilled team of specialists who are more than ready to help you regarding any question you may have.

VPS servers and configuration

Host1Plus VPS hosting has 4 different plan options. All of them offer HDD+SSD option, you can also add cPanel for additional price. The more you pay the more resources you get – usual phenomena in hosting services. However, Host1Plus is a bit different. The difference is that Host1Plus allows its customer to configure their server the way they want. You can see an example of pre-made server above and the way you can customize your server below.


You can modify your server entirely on what resources you need the most. In addition to this you can select your server location from up to five options. It is Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Chicago or Los Angeles.



Host1Plus also offers 5 free OS Templates that you can choose from.


Server locations & Local support

Host1Plus have their servers all over the world and their support infrastructure is great. The support team is working 24/7 so that you can be sure they will be there when you need help.


My verdict

Why would I choose and why do I recommend Host1Plus? Firstly, their performance and support is really good. Not to mention the price – which is excellent compared to other companies. Last but not least they have more than 31 thousand customers who rate them at 4.7 and better stars out of 5.



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