What Is Order Cloud?

Order Cloud is a platform for market development and customized solutions for e-commerce. Traders and businesses looking to sell online and broaden their online trading experience can benefit from the unique platform Order Cloud on the cloud service G-Core Labs.

Why Do You Need Order Cloud?

The complexity of doing business is that the company’s job needs to be well-managed, modernized, and implemented. Order Cloud makes it possible to resolve the most complex operations. You can create and connect any number of applications in addition to Order Cloud thanks to its multichannel integration.

Order Cloud Management Concepts

There are two main concepts for managing Order Cloud:

  • API-Clients. This concept allows you to secure data access at the expense of API customers. It is also used for the automatic integration between systems and third-party system control.
  • Experience-focused. This makes your applications simple and straightforward because you don’t have to deal with increasing complexity or organizational details

Order Cloud Extensibility

With Order Cloud’s high degree of integration, you can quickly integrate third-party microservices. This makes it possible for users to use existing functionalities, which allows you to expand Order Cloud capabilities with:

  • Integration Events. With it, Order Cloud can be expanded or devolved around business processes.
  • Webhooks. The way it works is that when a user calls an API in Order Cloud, they call Webhooks at the same time. It lets you change or obtain a copy of every API call.

Realtime Pricing and Inventory. This means you don’t need to download the current price or store the estimated stock in Order Cloud. You may delegate your authority in the charging system through the software.

Additional advantages of Order Cloud

Order Cloud updates automatically. With Order Cloud, you can start a small company and grow it.

Order Cloud is centered around the API, so users can create their own scripts to manage and secure data.


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