What Will 2019 Bring? The Latest Trends in Email Marketing

Summer may not be over just yet but it’s fair to say that most businesses are already looking ahead to 2019 in anticipation of what the marketing industry, and in particular, what email marketing has to offer.

2019 is still four months away but if your business wants to remain as competitive as possible then you need to start considering the latest trends in email marketing.

Here’s what you can expect from email marketing in 2019.

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Much more relevant and reputable content

It’s considered by experts that by the end of this year, 30% of internet users will be using ad block. This means that your ads could now be bypassing around 30% of your desired target audience; but does that mean you should stop using ads in your emails altogether?

We certainly don’t think so; instead, you should ensure that the ads you use in your email marketing campaigns are entirely relevant, relatable and reputable to your target audience.

Get more creative with your campaigns

The average person receives around 121 emails per day, so you really need to ensure that your email campaigns are as creative as possible so that people don’t just scroll past them.

You need to get much more creative with your email marketing in 2019 if you wish to stay ahead of the game. Consider using tactics that are different from your competitors – and make sure that whatever you’re creating is intriguing and captivating to your audience.

With people receiving so many emails a day, make sure your business’ email campaigns are the ones that truly stand out in their inbox. With email automation, you can create different email workflows by your users engagement.

Make your emails more interactive

As well as being more personable, your emails should feature much more interactive features in 2019.

A more interactive email experience can result in users making more orders, reaching new customers and having a better experience overall.

Chatbots and ‘reply to us’ messages can help to create a much more personal relationship between you and your customers, which in return will see better results for your business.

Use AI to create better email content

Artificial intelligence isn’t necessarily a new addition to the technology industry, but it is something that’s constantly on the increase, with businesses realising the importance of using it.

Many businesses may be reluctant to invest in this kind of technology but it’s certainly an investment that will pay off in the long run.

AI allows businesses to customise bespoke content and offers for each individual user, meaning that both the business and customer receives a much better experience.

Become more visual

A rising trend that will be seen in email marketing in 2019 is the use of more creative visuals as opposed to heavily text-based emails.

It’s likely that more GIFs, video content and memes will be featured in businesses’ email campaigns. These features are not only more fun and interactive, but they’ll also be more engaging to customers.

However, it’s imperative to remember not to just follow the crowd; brands and businesses need to develop their own unique voice when it comes to email marketing and that includes the use of visuals to get their message across.

The use of email marketing can prove to be incredibly beneficial to brands and businesses; over 205 billion emails are sent per day around the world, so if your business isn’t utilising the power of email then you’re certainly missing out.

By implementing the relevant strategies in 2019, you’re sure to see the results that you want. 2019 might still be a few months away but getting ahead of the trend now will only prove to be more beneficial for your business in the long run.


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