Data Analytics Solutions: 5 Helpful Features to Look for

The future won’t be decided by companies that stall on adopting data analytics solutions. Truth be told, over 50 percent of companies are now using modern data analytics. These services allow for more in-depth insights than have ever been possible—thanks to artificial intelligence, as well as improved data collection and storage. Using big data in healthcare has also been a trend in the development of clinical diagnosis on hospitals and health centers.

However, not all data analytics tools are the same. Here are five helpful features to look for when deciding on a data analytics solution.

AI Capabilities

If you really want to get the most out of data analytics, it’s imperative to find a solution offering AI capabilities. AI-driven analytics is useful for returning answers more quickly (or instantly), discovering answer to questions you have yet to ask, and possibly even discovering trends hidden in your data.

Embedded Analytics

There are few features more essential to data work in today’s business environment than embedded analytics. Embedded analytics allows users to integrate visual representations into a variety of applications. This makes sharing crucial findings smoother than ever before. Embedded analytics can also be displayed on a custom analytics dashboard. With this feature, you can easily see and share data findings with members of your teams.

Search-Driven Analytics

You don’t want to just use the same old tools that everyone else is utilizing when trying to uncover highly relevant insights. Traditional features simply can’t cut it a lot of the time. Search-driven analytics is a new force in the BI world that’s really shaking things up.

You know how convenient it is to find things through a Google search. What if that same concept could be applied to your BI workflow? Now that’s entirely within your grasp with search-driven analytics. This is one of the places where AI is having a huge impact on the world of BI. All you have to do is enter related search queries, and you can immediately receive accurate, synthesized readouts. Arriving at actionable BI insights have never been so streamlined. This technology is also great because its simplicity allows for people on all levels of your organization to contribute to BI—not just data scientists.

Permission Levels

Not everyone in your company needs to have access to all the same data. This is why it makes sense to have limits on what can be viewed by certain people. You should ensure that your data analytics software includes a way to set permissions for different employees. You should be able to create custom dashboards for various departments, teams, and individuals. By doing this, you can rest assured that every worker has the proper tools for success, without unnecessarily giving out critical information to non-critical players.

Scheduled Analytics

Your custom dashboards will update automatically as they receive new data. This real-time analytics is super convenient for tracking performance on a daily beat. However, this doesn’t completely negate the need for more lengthy reports as well. In the past, putting together monthly, quarterly, and yearly analytics reports has been a time-consuming, tedious process. This is no longer the case thanks to scheduled analytics.

With scheduled analytics, organizations can set up automated reporting. Since most repeating reports are going to contain the same types of information, it only makes sense to delegate that task to automation so employees can spend their time in other ways.

There are many features that can be included in data analysis. It’s important to know which of these are actually beneficial, and which ones just sound fancy. These five helpful features will make your company run more efficiency than ever before.


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