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McDonald’s Timeless Brand Identity

McDonald’s, the popular fast food restaurants chain and one of most valuable brands in the world, does not need to be extensively introduced. The McDonald’s brand is so well integrated into our modern culture...


Everything You Need to Know About YouTube SEO

If you asked anyone that works in video production where to start with your video marketing strategy, it’s highly likely that you’ll get the same unanimous answer: get on YouTube! It makes sense. And...

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How to Finalize the Content on Your Page?

One good writing practice is knowing how to distill the essential concepts of text into a few paragraphs or sentences. You have to find a way to develop the author’s points using your own...


5 Reasons to Invest in Email Marketing

Even though social media has greatly grown in popularity and importance in recent years, email still plays a big role in online marketing. Many studies have revealed that email remains one of the preferred...


Website Development Options

I believe the options for a web developer to create a website are: Use a targeted theme with WordPress (eg a restaurants theme) and use the benefits and constraints that this option presents Employ...