10 common essay writing mistakes every writer should avoid

Writing is a skill that is mastered over time. The message reaches the audience based on the skills and the the type of audience that is reading it. There are certain writing mistakes which deviates the readers and make them disinterested in the content, no matter how good it is. Therefore writers must try their level best to avoid such mistakes. They are very common and frequently seen in both printed material and online. This page details some of the most common and easily avoidable writing mistakes. By learning to recognise and rectify such errors, you can improve your writing skills and avoid common writing mistakes. This article highlights some of the most common essay mistakes made by the students and how they can avoid them and learn how to write a great essay.

01 – Not Doing Enough Research

If a writer does not research on the topic, the content is quite shallow and fails to hook the reader’s interest to continue reading it. The content is poorly organized and reduces the quality of the work. Writing without adequate information on the topic leads to addition of clichés and other mainstream fillers which reduce the quality of the essay, leading to an increase in airy quantity. The content is shallow and quite boring. Lack of research leads to irrelevant content and instead of handing in low quality essays, and one may then think to seek assistance and make a professional write my essay for me cheap and deliver best-quality work.

02 – Punctuation Mistakes

Punctuation changes the entire meaning of a sentence. Certain writers overlook punctuation and end up changing the actual intended meaning of the sentence and confuse their audience. Punctuation is thus necessary for readability and coherence. Proper punctuation also adds to the aesthetic value of the article. Punctuation improves spelling and grammar. Luckily, those people who have to type their work have various tools that help in correcting punctuations and spelling errors.

03 – Skipping revision

The revision process is important to refine your work and create a well written article. Skipping the revising process can lead to deliverance of poor quality work and silly mistakes. Unrevised work is usually full of mistakes and such issues affect the reliability of your content. Ensure that you format your work and present it properly in front of your readers.

04 – Lengthy Sentences

Sentences that are too long are a downfall for writers. They are prone to mistakes and make the reader lose interest and divergence of the topic. They become complex because of their length and reduce the coherence of the work. To avoid such sentences, you must keep your content precise and informative which attracts the readers and keeps them going. They are also poorly punctuated and can lead to an improper meaning. To avoid all these problems, one must use sentences that are clear and precise and contain a single idea.

05 – Grammatical Errors

Grammatical mistakes I’m any writing are proof that they are rough along with the the poor dedication of the writer to proper the write-up. There are many applications that help reduce grammatical errors even for non-English speakers. To avoid grammatical mistakes, a person must proofread his work and know what he is using. He can take help from any known identify and correct those areas where the points are not clearly presented. Therefore, proofreading is an important part of the writing procedure which helps remove grammatical errors. Otherwise, an essay with grammatical mistakes reduces the quality of the work and shows poor dedication and skills of the writer and his skills are questioned.

06 – Too much “water”

Too much water means that the content is too shallow content and extremely poorly presented. When someone over explains certain concepts, it adds excessive water to the essay. To avoid that, you must ensure that you understand your readers and mix the content and information accordingly. Most people prefer that the content is precise and informative, but not too informative that explain each concept clearly. Adding too much water leads to over explanation and the reader happens to skip that content, looking for the other interesting points, if any.

07 – Repeating the Introduction in the Conclusion

When one repeats the introduction in the conclusion, it becomes a dumb move that could cost you important marks. There is no point in repeating your content which you have already featured in your essay. To avoid such reputations from your introduction to the concluding paragraph, list all of the main points from the essay. Rewrite that statement rather than adding the same line in the conclusion. A conclusion should set the subject in a larger concept and keep the argument going rather than using the same paragraph you have used in the introduction. Good conclusions make the article better and give it a better ending which makes the reader happier and content. The introduction is basically meant to hook the reader to go through the essay. Thus, these two play different roles in an essay and should not be used interchangeably.

08 – Too Many Clichés

Using too many clichés in your essay makes it boring. They are overused words or phrases that are used repetitively in an essay. Students are advised against them as they lower the quality of the article. They also show lack of content and imagination which prompts the writer to use filler words and materials to reach expected lengths. It takes up the the volume which could otherwise be filled with important information relevant to the topic. Clichés are counterproductive as they show lack of preparedness and poor content delivery which drives the audience away from your work.

09 – Boring Title

The title is an important part of the essay. It gives the reader a glimpse of what they are about to read. If it’s too long and not catchy, the reader will not even be bothered to read the essay, no matter how good it is. Ensure that you create a catchy title with few words that paint a pretty portrait of the contents of the essay. Ensure that you have the keywords in the title whilst keeping it short and sweet. The words can make the difference between a famous article and an article that fails to gain interest. Hence, you must give an apt title and feature keywords to arouse the interest of the reader to go through your writing.

10 – Structural Mistakes

These kinds of mistakes are those which affect the structure of a sentence and the meaning changes which results in a change in the general appearance and presentation of the whole text. Poor division of paragraphs or total absence of paragraphs also results in structural mistakes which must be avoided in writing. If an essay does not have a clear structure, it will fail to deliver.

You can see that the English language is quite complex. Most people will not pick up subtle differences between some of the often-confused words. Certain checkers will not pick up misspelt words or spot all missing words. It is utmost necessary that you do not rely on a spell checker to proofread your essay for you. The best way is to read your essay or get someone else to read and check it for you. Concisely, the above tips help improve your writing skills and present your article in the best manner.

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