5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Content for New Page

We are often hearing that content is king and it is proving to be true. Running a blog or a website is a lot of work and a lot of the success will be determined by your content quality. A lot of writers understand the importance of writing for SEO purposes. For those who aren’t familiar with the SEO rules, it might be time to start. You can find the best essay writers for hire, but without some knowledge of SEO, it won’t work writing online. There are of course also a lot of other mistakes made when planning and writing content. Once you are familiar with these mistakes, it becomes much easier to correct.


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  1. No goals

Before you start writing, you need to establish what your end goal is. If you do not have a goal while planning, it is almost impossible to move in the right direction. Understanding and having clear goals are going to assist you in moving your content in that direction. Not every piece of writing has the same goal. Your website or blog could have a specific goal and your one article can have a smaller goal. At the end of the day all of these smaller goals need to tie in with the bigger one.

  1. Poor quality

A lot of webmasters and bloggers are not necessarily good writers. You have your professional essay writers who does what they do for a living. Perhaps you are good at marketing but not writing. This is perfectly fine and one can always hire a freelance writer. If you are determined to write the content yourself, be sure to have a plan in place. Your plan needs to include content that is of the highest quality. Nothing less should be acceptable to you or your readers.

  1. Unfamiliar audience

Attached to creating goals for your content, you also need to know who your audience will be. Who are you trying to target with this content? Getting to know your audience is part of the planning process. Based on this information, you will be able to come up with topic ideas that will actually add value to the lives of your readers. Studying your audience and their online behaviours is a crucial part in gaining success.

  1. Impatience

It is important to be consistent with your content, but you also want to avoid rushing. We all want to get good quality content out to our readers, although at times, patience is a better choice. Research your topic and rather wait a little longer than putting content out there that is of a poorer quality. This is also where you’re going to have to manage your time effectively. Find some good essay writer help tips and you will understand that research is a huge part of a good piece of writing.

  1. Lack of personality

When you start your planning for a new piece of content, do not forget that personality is also important. Sharing stories that are close to your heart is valuable. Do not let your voice get lost amongst all of the facts you are sharing. Always write in your unique voice and forget about the marketing for a minute. You want to be authentic and true, but you also want to connect with your audience. Making this connection is going to help you gain an audience who will be there throughout your journey.


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  1. Anya Skrba says:

    It’s really important not to lose your voice amongst all of the facts you are sharing in your content – your unique voice is what difference you from everybody else. So if you lose that, then you’ll become a creator of “just another same boring” content.

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