5 Features You Need in a Mass Email Plugin

Before you decide on a mass email plugin, you need to make sure that it has a few key features so you can optimize your marketing strategy

If you are a small business interested in email marketing for the first time, then you have probably already encountered mass email plugins. In order to properly send gmail bulk emails to your audience, you need to find the best possible service to fit your needs. The thing is, there are so many different plugins available that it can be difficult to locate which service is the best for you. Before you settle on a plugin for sending mass emails, take a read through the top 5 features that you need to prioritize.

1. Reporting

The most important information that you can gather from your mass email plugin is your recipient’s behaviors

Reporting ensures you improve your campaigns every time

When you begin scouring the internet for the right mass email plugin, the first thing you look for are reporting capabilities. Keep in mind that some of these capabilities we discuss will be only available through a paid package. Depending on your marketing budget, you may have to prioritize some features over others.

Still, the #1 thing you should consider in terms of features is reporting. Reporting tracks user behavior once they have received your marketing email. For example, when you send out your first batch of bulk emails, you will be able to tell how many messages were delivered, opened, and clicked on. This information is invaluable as you begin future campaigns. After all, you can’t improve if you don’t know where you were lacking in the first place. When you are searching for the right service, make sure that it can pull the following data points:

  • Bounce rate
  • Open rate
  • Unique clicks
  • Click-to-open rate
  • Clickthrough rate
  • Unsubscribes
  • New subscribers

By using these metrics, you can begin further developing and testing your email marketing strategy.

2. Split Testing

Split testing, also commonly referred to as A/B testing is an essential mass email plugin feature

Improve key campaign metrics using split testing

Email campaigns are capable of yielding great results, but how can you ensure that you are improving with each campaign? Beyond reporting, you need to test your messages to find out which copy and design elements speak to your audience. Without A/B testing, it is difficult to improve the key metrics that we just discussed.

For example, you just launched a campaign and you can’t seem to figure out why your open rate is so low. You can start by testing out the subject line and find out if a different option would work better for your current campaign. The great thing about A/B testing is that you can test any part of your email and easily find out if a new idea would work better.

3. An Intuitive Design Tool

Your mass email plugin should simplify the email design process

Simplify the email design process.

If you aren’t an expert in email design, don’t worry! You can still become an expert in email marketing with the help of your mass email plugin. Many mass email services come with an intuitive design tool that makes it easy to drag and drop logos, graphics, or CTAs. This way, you can easily redesign your emails for new campaigns or if your testing determines that you need to make a few changes. Without an easy-to-use tool, it can get difficult to create eye-catching emails.

4. Personalization

Using your mass email plugin, you can automatically populate recipient information

Send hundreds of personalized emails automatically.

When we talk about sending bulk emails, we are usually not discussing 10 or 20. Most often we are talking about hundreds of emails as a part of a campaign. When you are sending out hundreds of emails, it becomes impossible to manually personalize each one. That’s why mass email plugins have a personalization feature that allows you to automatically pull data from your address list and input the information into your email. You can add as much personalization as you feel relevant including the recipient’s location, profession, shopping habits, and more!

5. High Delivery Rates

Before you decide on a mass email plugin, make sure that it is a service that can get the job done for your business

The right bulk email service will help make sure your messages are delivered.

Though mass email plugins may seem similar, there are a few differences that set some ahead of the pack. You need to make sure that your bulk email plugin has a high delivery rate. For example, a service like Gmass can help you guarantee high delivery rates by ensuring that your addresses are currently valid.

You don’t want to be sending emails to addresses no longer in use otherwise your delivery rate will tank. Not only is this time wasted sending emails that will never be opened, it also hurts your reputation which may affect delivery rates in the future.

Now that you know the basic features of mass email, it’s time to start searching for the one that best suits your small business. Marketing can be difficult, but with the right mass email service, you can easily get your digital marketing started. Are you ready to start reaching a new audience via email?


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