5 Practical Tips on How to Find the Cheapest Translation Service in 2018/2019

Needing a translation service is not an everyday worry for most individuals. For those working with different languages or applying in another country, it can be a necessity. There are a lot of good translation companies out there, but it comes at a cost. You want to look at your budget before heading into a commitment. The cheapest translation service might not be the best, but you can find it at an affordable price. Before you start searching, determine what you need. This makes the searching process easier. Here are 5 tips you can apply to find the best translation service.

Translation Service


1. Start with quality

Although you have a budget to work with, you also need to find a service that produces accurate work. If you are going to be required to still pay for editing afterwards, it could cost you more. An affordable translation company should not mean the sacrifice of quality. Be upfront with the translation service you are considering. Discuss the importance of this translation being done well. It does not guarantee that it will be, but you want to be upfront.

2. Check a few websites

We go to the search engines for a lot of our needs. Go directly to the translator’s website and check out the cost. If there are a few who are way out of your budget, eliminate these immediately. Let’s say you want to translate document to Spanish, be sure check out other projects done in that language.

3. Freelancers

You can find a lot of freelancers who offer translation as one of their services. This is a great way of doing translation as you have access to one individual. When someone works alone, you can often negotiate the price. Let them know what you need done and start the negotiations. You want to be reasonable and not rob anyone from their remuneration. If you believe the job is not that difficult to do, you can mention your motivations.

4. Smaller companies

If you are looking for the cheapest translation service, you might be luckier if you go with a smaller company. These usually consists of a few individuals doing the translation. Find one that can translate from any language to build a long lasting professional relationship. When you do find a good service provider, be sure to stick with them. It’s also easier to build this type of relationship with a smaller service provider.

5. Compromise

When you speak to the service provider you like, make some room for compromising. Translation is not an easy task and takes a while to do. If you can pay more for the service you want, perhaps check your budget again. There are some amazing translators who will do your task justice, but charge a bit out of your budget.


Even though cheapest is not always the best option, you can find some gems. Be clear about what you expect for the price you are willing to pay. Also, do not believe that you have to pay a lot of money for a good service. There are times you do pay high fees and still end up disappointed. Rather focus on some customer reviews and make sure you are dealing with someone who knows what needs to be done.


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