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In this digital age, it has become incumbent for every business to go online and expand their business. For representing your business in today’s global market, you need a reliable web application development that is PHP Programming. PHP is an open source platform that offers several unique features and functionalities for developing web application.

Since its inception in 1995, PHP has become the favorite of all web developers. Many of the popular websites today are powered by PHP and an overwhelming majority scripts and projects are built on this acclaimed programming language. Due to its increasing popularity, it’s not just enough to have the basic working knowledge of PHP. To make your project a successful one, you need to enhance your proficiency by having some aces up your sleeve. Listed below are some advanced PHP methods to improve your programming skills.


Use a SQL Injection Cheat Sheet:

As a web developer, you need to be aware of the most trusted security practices in today’s web world. And to make your web applications more secure and foolproof, you are required to use a SQL Injection Cheat Sheet. SQL injection restricts any escape output so that it cannot be misinterpreted. Also, it filters input thereby forbidding the entry of malicious content into your website.

Know the Difference Between Comparison Operators:

While developing your website using PHP, you should know the difference between the comparison operators. This is because a non strict comparison can lead to problems. If you use strpos () to find out whether there is an existing substring within a string, it may return as FALSE in the absence of a sub-string.

Conserve the Else Statement:

Something that makes your code smaller and simpler is definitely a good practice. One such method is to shortcut or conserve the Else statement. Minimizing codes may hinder readability but speeds up your coding process. Variables can be determined by the Else before you actually use them. This method is highly beneficial when the logic is much complicated and you have more than two or three administrators for your website.

Drop Brackets:

You can save few characters in your PHP code by dropping unnecessary brackets. Minimize your file size by dropping brackets for single-line expression. Unless you have advanced knowledge of PHP, this method is not advisable as it may affect the readability and maintenance.

Favour str_replace () over ereg_replace and preg_replace:

When you replace strings, use str_replace as it is 61% more efficient than preg_replace. But if you are using regular expressions, then ereg_replace and preg_replace will be faster than str_replace. Hence the basic rule is, if you want to match a pattern, use regular expression and if you want to match a string, use string function.

Use Ternary Operators:

Making use of ternary operators in your code frees up your line space and makes your code less cluttered and thus makes it ideal for scanning. It is particularly helpful for prototypes, templates and one-liners. However, occasionally, an ordinary conditional statement scores better over ternary operators as PHP is verbose and descriptive.

Make Use of Memcached:

While there are manifold caching options available, Memcached always tops the list as the most efficient for database caching. It’s not quite easy to implement, but if you have decided to build your website in PHP, then Memcached is the right choice. It certainly speeds up the process by caching up the web page and script. This system is more helpful when your web application is distributed across multiple servers.

Use Frameworks:

A framework is nothing but software that is bundled with frequently used utilities that help to speed up the web development process. You cannot use PHP framework for every project you create, but you can make use of certain frameworks such as CakePHP, Zend, Symfony and CodeIgniter, to reduce the time spent on developing your website. This method works well only if you have sufficient knowhow of PHP.

Use the Suppression Operator Correctly:

Usually, error controlling operator works in expressions and when an expression is not working properly, it generates the error. PHP changes error reporting to 0before executing suppressed statement and at once changes it back. Therefore, make the best usage of this operator.

Use isset() instead of strlen():

When you consider strings as arrays, each character in a string is an array. If you want to calculate the total number of characters in a string, naturally strlen() comes to your mind. But this is not an efficient way. Instead use isset() as it will generate 65% quicker results and increases the speed of your web page loading.

That’s a pretty good list of methods to improve your PHP programming. These methods will not only help you to speed up proficiency but also make the code much more responsive, cleaner and more optimized for performance.

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