How to get your Affiliate Site Secure better position after panda update

Google has been up against the content firms and has caused the untimely demise of many sites that are alleged to host thin content or duplicate content. The main accusation against these sites was that these sites are not adding much value to users and are like parasites making the whole web murkier. Now, since the main concept of running a affiliate business online means copying and pasting the same product description or services, affiliate sites are less likely to get the coveted position in SERP. But this does not mean that it is impossible for an affiliated site to get to the top in competitive keywords.

google panda

Impossible is nothing and here we are going to share how you are supposed to make your affiliate site reach new height of success in Google SERP without reinventing the wheel:

Do Not Harbor Duplicate Content

If your affiliated website contains duplicate content, you are dead. Affiliated sites that have no original content of their content are not going to rank in Google. However, just having original content is not the end of the task, the content has to be user-focused, well written and informative to the core, so that Google can easily differentiate your website from rest of the other. You need to take some time and do some extra work to get your website wins the favor of Google.

It should Not All About Affiliated Program

You are running your business for a living but that should be the one and only reason behind keeping alive your website. There is nothing evil in running an affiliate program in your website but make sure the entire website is not only about affiliate program otherwise, it will send wrong signal to Google that your website does not have anything unique to offer. Apart from affiliate program, your website needs to have a unique online identity.

Do Not Be Jack of All trades

before you choose the affiliate program for your website, you need to have clear idea of your intended audience. For say, a sport magazine is supposed to have a large fan base of sport lovers and therefore, it makes perfect sense that you are going to sell things like sport shoes, sport wears rather than trying to sell bikinis. So, it will be better if you are targeting a small group of products or service rather than going for the entire range which will demand more attention. Create some nice articles, guidelines and add some nice images against the products

Focus on Users Retention

Do not bother just about selling products or getting links from high PR domains. You need to build a great community where visitors can gather and vent their anger or share their happiness or else, you can create a blog where you need to post useful articles on regular basis. Regular flow of fresh articles will keep your readers hooked to your website and search engines will crawl your website regularly. So double benefits waiting for you.

However, the bottom-line is that your website needs to be different from the rest of others, otherwise Google will not care a fig giving your website top ranking in some competitive keywords.

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