The Best Drifting Car

Love a good adrenaline rush? If you’ve ever dreamt of being fast and furious, then a drifting car is for you. However, you might not really know where to start when it comes to buying a drifting car. Check out the sweet drift cars below and learn just how to shop the best ones.

What Is Drifting?

Drifting started as a sport in the mountains of Japan in the early 1990’s. It’s a great way of learning how to control a car at it’s limit. According to Driftworks, “Drifting is a driving style in which the driver uses the throttle, brakes, clutch, gear shifting and steering input to keep the car in a state of oversteer while manoeuvring from turn to turn. Drifters emphasise car control by coordinating the amount of countersteer (or opposite lock) with the simultaneous modulation of the throttle and brakes to shift the weight balance of the car back and forth through the turns.” So what kind of car is the best to drift?

For Those Who Have A Need For Speed


Featured in the game Need for Speed, the Toyota Supra is perfect for drifting both on screen and in real life. The best part about this drift car is the fact that it seats four, so you can drive it day to day and drift on the weekends if you need to. The Toyota Supra is a perfect starter car for those that want to learn how to drift.

A Small But Mighty Drift Car


One of the more economical in size, yet mighty on the drift of drift cars is the Mazda RX-7. Many of the U.S. RX-7s do not have rear seats and are two seat only. However, it is possible to find an import with four seats if you really want one; but, space is minimal so it’s not a very comfy ride. This car is truly for sport drifting and shouldn’t be used as a long journey car.


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