The 10 Most Amazing Resume Templates for Recent Grads

Resume templates or CV templates can be found anywhere on the internet, such as job sites. Of all the skills that students from online and traditional universities learn, crafting a convincing, well-designed resume is not usually among them.  Most students seem to graduate with the notion that their degree is itself a resume and more so a ticket to a job that pays well.  True, having a degree will increase your chances of an upper-middle class salary — statistics show that depending on industry and specialty, pay increase per degree will range from 10% – 300% — but the degree alone in most cases isn’t going to get you there.

Instead, you need a resume that is going to stand out from others, communicate your experience and achievements concisely and clearly, and give employers a reason to contact you for an interview.  Knowing what to include on a resume, and what sorts of words and phrases to use when describing your past work and education history is a complete topic in and of itself, and not one that can be covered in this post.

But if you’re looking for a resume template that will organize your information and present it in a way that is both professional and aesthetically pleasing (why do the two so rarely intersect?) — keep reading.  What follows is a list of templates that should come in handy when you need a resume that is formatted and designed with the optimal call-back potential in mind.

Free CV Resume PSD Template

resume CV template


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Best Free Adobe PDF Reader Alternatives

Adobe Reader and PDFs seem to go together like hand-and-glove. After all, while PDF is an international standard now, it was Adobe that brewed the Portable Document Format in their research labs all those years ago. Hardly surprising, then, that so many of us stick with Adobe Reader to view our PDF documents. We may get annoyed at its niggles, but we never seem to get round to checking out the alternatives. That’s a pity, because alternatives there are a-plenty. And those other PDF readers come with a dose of useful functionality attached – enough to make you wonder why you stuck with Adobe Reader for so long. Even better – many of them are free; so no excuse to avoid reading on, and checking out the grass on the other side of the fence.

Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF (more…)

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Freebie: Stone and Rock Textures

Today we’re giving away an exclusive Stones & Rocks Texture Pack for skyje readers from TextureQualityPro.

  • The pack is about 5 high resolution pictures of various stones you can use as textures or backgrounds.
  • Every photo is 3543 x 2362 Pixel with Srgb Color Profile.
  • The pack comes free for personal and commercial use.
  • Redistribute or reselling the Pack is forbidden.

High Resolution Stone and Rock Texture (more…)

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56 Free Leather Textures

Textures can be a good way to enhance your design and graphic art. Leather textures are useful for Layering your clothes, dining furniture and can be used to create wonders in interior design. In this post we’ve present 56 Free Leather Textures. Enjoy!

You can also check some premium Textures here.

56 Free Leather Textures

Leather Texture Book Cover
Leather Texture Book Cover, Spain 1929 (more…)

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23 Free HTML Newsletter Designs to Catch your Interest

HTML Newsletters are still just as popular as they used to be. Surprisingly many of us are still using e-mail just as much as 5 or 10 years ago, maybe even more! Because of this Internet marketers can capitalize on newsletters and leaflets sent directly to their subscriber’s list – but not without a fantastic e-mail template. I have gathered 23 of my favorite newsletter designs for both inspiration and design appreciation.




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Free Wood Textures for Graphics and Web Layouts

When constructing a website it’s important to plan out some important features. Text alignments, shading, and backgrounds are all necessary components to the perfect design. Textures are always a welcome aspect, and more recently wood textures have seen a dramatic rise in popularity. Thus I have collected a set of free wood textures to include in your own web designs.

Wood Texture 01

Wood Texture


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30 HD Quality Calligraphy Fonts for Web Designers

Web fonts are extremely important in the scope of graphic designers. Whenever you sit down to create a work of art in Photoshop or Illustrator, every little detail will count. And with this set of high definition calligraphy fonts you’re sure to get something great. Let us know your thoughts in the comments area below.

Sweet Lady

Calligraphy Font


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35 Abstract Desktop Wallpapers for your Workspace

Your wallpaper design is an important part to any desktop setup. You’ll generally be looking at it many times throughout your workday, so you should feel comfortable and relaxed. Abstract artwork is perfect in design and conception as it enhances your conscious boundaries through geometric shapes and color patterns. This gallery of 35 examples should get you fixed up with a great new desktop layout.

Abstract Dog Reloaded

Desktop Wallpapers


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30 Exciting New iPhone 4 Retina Display Wallpapers

We can all admit the iPhone 4 is an amazing piece of technology. And for those of us with the latest model it may be difficult to find a decent set of wallpapers. There are so many great options to choose from. And with the retina display almost all images and photos look pristine.

New iPhone 4 Retina Display Wallpapers

Below I have collected 30 examples of great iPhone 4 Retina Display wallpapers. These are all free to download directly to your device and you can even choose between legacy sizes (320×480) and the new HD retina display(640×960). If you have similar examples feel free to leave them in the comments area below.

Statue of Liberty

iphone wallpaper


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29 Vagrant Illustrator Brushes for Digital Artists

Illustrator Brushes are very useful for designers. With the popularity Adobe has built over the years they are certainly a very popular development company. Adobe Illustrator in particular is a fantastic tool for icon and logo designers. And when you incorporate the many brush sets to be found around the web, the possibilities are limitless! Our 29 examples of brush sets here should be perfect for every graphics designer.

High Quality Paintbrushes

Illustrator Brushes


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Amazing Grunge Fonts for Progressive Web Design

The web is constantly advancing at a quicker pace than ever before. We’re seeing new articles updated almost instantly and social networks in alpha/beta stage are popping up every day. San Francisco is booming with the tech industry as we speak!

Grunge is one of the many common themes used in digital artwork. The scene first exploded with posters and print art gaining attention. On a similar scale graphic designers have been creating signatures and avatars on forums for over a decade. The grunge style plays deep into this form of art.

Grunge fonts can apply well with almost any website design. The font choices used between your site logo and page text will in effect display a very certain position between you and your visitors. I recommend checking out a few of the fonts below and playing around in Creative Suite to see what can be made!

1942 Report

Grunge Fonts (more…)

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30 Free Top Priority PSD Graphics Files

Adobe Photoshop has allowed web and graphics designers to create amazing bits of artwork. The digital era is booming in full-swing with new creations launching every week. Web startups are the latest hit, but it’s not easy climbing the ranks and reaching top-tier status.

Of the many graphic artists around today most are running weblogs and update frequently. Twitter streams are flooded with design-related news and downloads 24 hours a day. PSD graphics are some of the most popular resources including vector art, icon sets, and other layout pieces.

Below is a collection of some outstanding graphics files free for download. Any highly developed web designer will be drooling to access the many free options! Notably most of these files are backwards-compatible upwards of Photoshop CS2. Although some are set to newer creative suites and may have strange rendering issues when imported into an older version.

Windows 7 Box

PSD (more…)

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