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What Is Logo?

For the identification of any company or organization, a very distinctive graphic representation along with the text, is known as a logo. It could be any symbol or name that is written in a very different and unique style. The logo is also known as logotype. In this digital era if you can find a free logo maker, then you are lucky enough to design a trademark for your company on your own.

From thousands of years, people use such trademarks to represent their brand among several competitors. In the old times, a simple image or a word was used to represent any product but with the advancements in technology, they become advanced and more developed. These days there is a huge diversity among the designs and styles of trademarks. People can recognize any brand instantly when they notice its logo.


Create Your Logo

Advancements in technology have brought many benefits to human beings. In this era, anyone who is thinking of starting a new business can create its symbolic representation without hiring any designers. When you are thinking of starting a new brand, you have a little capital to cater to a huge list of items. In such situations, if you find a free logo maker online to design a combination of words or image, then it will be a treat for you.

Now the question is, how will you create your logo if you are lacking in designing skills? SmallSEOtools has brought you a great opportunity to save your time and money for your trademark. “” just visit this page to experience the miracles of technology without any cost.

How does the tool work?

The working procedure is very simple and informal for everyone. The only thing which you need for this tool is “internet connection”. By clicking on the above-mentioned link, get yourself registered. Don’t worry registration is free of cost as it is an efficient free logo maker for your ease. Just sign in and open it to follow some simple steps for getting a perfect logo.

  • Once you open it, you will notice that there are categories for logo design templates. You have to select a category according to your choice. Every category offers you several free logo designs. Just pick one!
  • After choosing a design tool will push you forward towards the dashboard. Now, what is a dashboard? As the dashboard of the car contains some of the important things in the same way, this dashboard contains different designs and layouts. There will be the option “edit logo”. Just click it to change the color or layout of the design within a couple of seconds.
  • This free logo maker will give you the option of adding text in your design in the next step. So just move forward and add some text. There are different font styles to make your text eye-catching. You can add color or shadow as well.
  • Background plays a significant role in making your logo striking. Therefore, it must be very attractive. This tool has almost one hundred eye-catching backgrounds. Just pick one. If you want to add a background of your own choice, then you can upload any image from your collection as a background.
  • If you want to change something, there is an “undo” option as well.
  • There you go. Your logo is complete. Just click the “save” button to get it on your device. Make a print and get ready to beat your competitors.


There is a list of features that make this tool one of the best among its competitors. This tool enables you to create logo online free. Nothing is free these days, but this tool offers you its perks without any cost. This feature makes it distinctive among its competitors. There are many tools out there that operate on a complex procedure and hard to understand for a layman. But this logo generator free of cost offers you a simple procedure to get a perfect visual representation for your product. Furthermore, while using this tool, you do not need to be worried as your design is safe with SmallSEOtools.


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