How to design your advertising banners to stand out from the crowd

Events are busy places with everybody shouting to gain attention from the same group of people. But how can you make sure that people look at your stand?

advertising banners

  1. Keep it simple

In a busy hall, it’s easy to see how it can be hard for people to make a decision as to which stand to visit. With brands stood shoulder-to-shoulder, brand messages can be seen all around, which can put a lot of pressure on visitors to make a decision. It’s also a lot of information to take in at one time!

To make their life easier and increase the chance of them popping by your stand, keep your brand messages simple. Give them one clear reason why they should stop at your stand. Tease them with ‘New’ messages, or low prices. Whatever hook you have to use, make sure you make it clear to see on your stand.

  1. Branding at the top

Keep all branding in the upper third of your banner to make sure it can be seen above heads as it will be the first thing that people read. This will help to increase brand awareness from afar and attract attention from people that already know your brand.

Keep your logo as the largest element on your display as you’ll want it to be the thing that people remember when they walk away from your stand.

  1. Pick your colours carefully

You’ll want to attract attention with your banner by choosing contrasting colours. This doesn’t mean using the brightest colours you can think of as this may not always be appropriate for your brand, products or services. What it does mean is that the colours you do choose to use should complement each other to create an easy to read banner. For example, choosing light pastel colours together may suit your brand, but using white text may mean that your text is hard to read at a distance.

  1. Use strong images

Make sure that any images you choose to use are of high quality. This means making sure that they don’t blur when expanded to the size of your stand. Remember that banner stands are at least 800mm wide, so any images you use will be blown up to be much larger than you’d see them on a computer. Make sure that they are in focus and can grab attention from afar as a picture often speaks a thousand words!

  1. Create a great looking banner

Once you’ve confirmed what your banner will look like, the next thing you need to consider is how you’re going to have it created. Banner stands such as these:, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From the size of the graphic to what the base looks like, there are a lot of different things to consider – all of which will affect your finished product.


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