30 Cool Drop-Down Navigation Menus

Who doesn’t want well structured and clean website navigation? If you want a clean user interface, then you must have drop down menus to handle multiple level hierarchies. A drop down menu can help the user access various links that are otherwise hidden in the page.

Ok so, without wasting more time, let’s visit some really awesome drop-down menus

1. Slate


It does not give you bare bone links, but actually the top stories that are going around. You don’t have to click on a link to know that you don’t like it. All links are actually descriptions of pages.

2. Galaciafolia


Nice woodworks. It’s a website about contests and winning prizes. I haven’t won anything here, but I browsed it for about an hour, because I was enchanted by its looks.

3. The Archer Group


Each drop down gives other drop downs along with team member introductions and latest launches.

4. Pure Grips

Pure Grips

Pure grips have images in drop downs. This helps you know more about the product before you click on it.

5. Converse


This one is just awesome. You have to visit the website to understand what I mean. The graphics are just perfect.

6. Carreras Con Futuro

The website has a hand drawn look, and it reflects in the drop downs as well. It’s a Spanish website about careers.

7. Puma


The website is made using a light background, and the drop down menu is in shades of dark grey, which makes the site stand out.

8. Sun glass hut


It has a very functional drop down menu that illustrates sunglasses in the menu options.

9. Artkasa


A website of interior design, with drop down menus as elegant as their products.

10. Designer’s couch

designers couch

It has a very appealing look and it is all about creativity.

11. Ectomachine


If you are looking for a weird look and feel, here is ectomachine for you. Their services might sound like those of an average web development company, but the graphics make them stand out.

12. Tennessee Trails and Byways


You can get tabbed navigation within the submenus. The complete arrangement makes the drop down very unique.

13. Gateway


If you like things with good visuals and nice curves, you will like this website of computer products.

14. Bern


It has a nice aesthetic appeal and has a rough style. The drop-down menus are edgy and the website is extremely good looking.

15. Audi


Drop down menus display thumbnails of cars, along with description and prices. No need to visit several pages to know which car is best for you. Just hover your mouse over a menu option and get to know about the model.

16. Famous cookies


A treat for the eyes, this website displays cookies in drop down menus so that you can know what the cookie looks like before you click on its page.

17. Duchy of Cornwall Nursery


A website on plants, having a clean and nice look.

18. Facebook


We’ve all seen Facebook. Though things have been changing on it, but the drop down menus are very user-friendly and easy.

19. Nick Ad

Nick Ad

To get to the submenus, you have to click on the option, and then drag your mouse over the screen. Pretty cool and different.

20. Tennessee vacation

TN vacation

It has a dark blue drop down list that gives a nice contrast on the light background.

21. DC Shoes

dc shoes

It has a semi transparent background and the text is white and red in color, giving it a special charm.

22. Envato Marketplaces


This drop down menu has large fonts and a cartoon-like image, making it look more appealing.

23. Boden


All menu names are written in different fonts. The drop downs give a very clean look

24. The White House

white house

It’s got red top, blue text, bottom borders, and white background. This makes use of all colors of the U.S. flag.

25. Navigant


It’s a nice play on colors. When you place your mouse over options, they turn green, and show a blue drop down menu against an orange background

26. Media Temple

media temple

It has one of the best looking drop-down menus, and it has a thumbnail alongside the product name.

27. Mayflower


You must visit it once to see the color effects- it is an eye candy.

28. Bird Malaysia

bird malaysia

Though the aesthetics are pretty simple, the colors create a unique and natural effect.

29. Fuel your creativity


It has two levels of drop downs, and the upper level is the one that creates the magic.

30. Monash


This website is about carpet services and when the menu drops down, it bounces a bit, as if a carpet is hitting the ground.

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