Top 35 Budgeted Wall Art Ideas for 2020

Why do we need art in our home or a workspace? This question may seem simple, and you may find the answer to be simpler even. But the actual answer goes beyond the surface of simply adding decoration or bringing color into space. Apart from machine-made items, it’s good to have something that can bring life to space effortlessly.

When it comes to interior design, the importance of wall art is often overlooked. Even if someone thought about it, it is often lost at the bottom of the list. There can be two reasons for that. They either don’t know the importance of wall art or they may find wall art expensive.

The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Listen to the art. ” – Junot Diaz

No matter which part of the home or workspace you decorate, one of the most crucial principles of interior design is that each room should have a focal point. Wall art helps in providing a focal point to your room or space. It also makes your space look finished and provides support in choosing the colors for the walls. Talking about the budget, well, to have one-of-a-kind pieces, you don’t necessarily have to go to an expensive art auction or high-end boutiques. There is an abundance of inexpensive ways through which you can create beautiful art pieces for your space. Let’s have a look at the top 35 budgeted wall art ideas that will not only help you make your walls look outstanding and expensive but will also be expected to rule as a trend in the coming years.

Top 35 Budget Wall Art Ideas for 2020

1) Framed Floral Initials

You can create this wall art easily by using your old frame. Take a piece of cardboard and cut it out in the shape of the letter you want to have. Take artificial flowers of your choice and attach them to the cut-out cardboard piece using hot glue.

2) Rope Word Sign

To create letters with a rope, you need ¼ cup corn starch, 1 bottle of wood glue, and 3 tbs of water. Mix all these things. Dunk the rope into the mixture and use the rope to trace over your written letters on waxed paper. Let it dry for a few minutes. Attach the rope word to your board and you are done!

3) Framed Calendar Pages

We all keep our old calendars till the time we don’t feel like making some space for newer ones. Why not use them for making custom wall art? To create framed calendar pages wall art, you simply have to cut out your favorite calendar pages in the shape and size of your frame. There you have a beautiful budget wall art for your space!

4) Decorative Plates

The trend of decorating walls with plates is quite in, since a few years. And the trend does not seem to diminish soon. You can decorate plates with any design of your choice. Or if you have vintage plates, you can use them for decorating your wall. Wondering how to hang them? Don’t worry! Nowadays, plate hangers are available in the market. They come at a very reasonable price and can be perfect for hanging earthenware, glass plates, porcelain, and unvarnished wood pieces.

5) Washi Tape Picture Frames

Since washi tape has blown up in the last few years, a lot of people have started using it in their DIY projects. Choose a colored patterned washi tape and create a frame of your choice. After that, paste your favorite picture(s) on the wall. You can also create any landscape on your wall by using washi tape. So cool, right?

6) Hats Wall Art

Hats are one piece of accessory that we all probably own. Instead of storing them in your cupboard, use this accessory as a wall décor element. If you have a huge collection of hats, just pick a few of your favorite hats and hang them on your empty wall.  Before hanging them on a wall, have a clear picture of how you want to place them on your wall.

7) Showcase Fabric

We all have those sheets that are no longer in use. Instead of trashing them out, why not reuse them for decorating purpose? You can use irregular patches of bedsheets and stitch them together to make mosaic wall art.

8) Yarn Wall Hanging

Woven yarns are a great way to add colors to your wall. To create a yarn wall hanging, place the dowel on a flat surface. Measure the yarn from the dowel to the desired length. Double the length of the yarn and cut it. Attach each yarn to the dowel individually. Trim and shape the lower portion of the yarn. And your custom wall art is ready!

9) Paint Dipped Spoons

The paint dipped spoons look so cool that you can use them to decorate a wall of your kitchen or dining space. Creating this wall art is very simple. Just dip your spoons in household latex paint. Hang them by using some tape at the end of the table. Let it dry for about half an hour. Now stick them on your wall.

10) Colored Honeycomb Hexagon Wall

When it comes to wall décor, geometric shapes have always been in trend. Honeycomb hexagon wall art is one of the ways to create beautifully textured and colored walls. To create this wall art, you need to first paint the wall with a base color. Now take hexagon craft shapes and stick them on the wall. Paint inside the hexagon with the colors of your choice. Now remove the craft shapes, and you are done! This wall art idea is pretty economical and quick.

11) Popsicle Stick Shadow Box

To create this wall art, you would be required at least 100 Popsicle sticks (for a single box). Create the desired shape on a piece of paper. Lay the colored Popsicle sticks on the shape. Add a drop of glue at the ends of the sticks and layer more sticks to complete the shape. Allow the glue to dry. Now hang them on your wall.

12) Bamboo Skewer Wall Art

If you want to give your walls a retro look, this can be a great wall-art idea for you. To create this wall art, you would require styrofoam balls, bamboo skewers, and spray paint. First of all, spray the ball with the desired color. After that, insert the skewers about 1/4th inch in. Spray the skewers. By using adhesive velcro, attach the ball on the wall. Your retro yet modern wall art is ready!

13) Spray Paint Wall Art

We have all probably done spray painting for our summer projects. Who knew that this could become one of the greatest wall art ideas? Just choose the design (a quote, leaves, etc.) of your choice and spray paint over it. Make sure you spray the paint carefully as the whole look and feel of your art totally depends upon the way you spray the colors on your piece.

14) Metallic Clipboards

If you like to have something that can be used both as wall décor and for daily utilitarian, then this can be an ideal option for you. The idea is unique and is a great alternative to display quotes, calendars, or to-do lists on the wall.

15) Shoebox Wall Shelves

It is a great technique to reprocess your cardboard while also adding striking art to your walls. To create this art, you first need to paint both in and out of your shoeboxes. If you have a big box, you can glue a lid inside that box to create a rack within a rack. Once you are done, hang the boxes on your wall and place your favorite lightweight items inside the boxes. Now you have an excuse to buy an extra pair of shoes! While creating this wall art, try to use different sized boxes.

16)  String Lights

Decorating walls with string lights have become interestingly popular. It usually comes in two styles – big and little bulbs. You can also find lights in various shapes and colors. Arrange the strings, and by using clips, hang your favorite pictures on the wall. To every first time guest, you can introduce the wall as a ‘memory wall’. You can also have the same wall art at your office. Just hang pictures of special occasions on the wall and make every visitor know about your office culture.

17) Artificial Grass Wreath

You may find wreaths too simple for decorating walls, but trust us, it will make your wall stand out against plain walls. They are very easy to create, and you can hang them anywhere you want. If you don’t want to use grass, you can do the same with artificial flowers as well. The process of creating artificial grass or wreath is the same.

18) Create Wall Texture with A Plain Broom

Although today paint companies have a lot of tools and techniques to add texture to walls, why spend so much money when you can do the same on your own? Just paint the wall with your favorite color. To add texture, drag a whisk broom lightly in a vertical direction across the newly painted wall and get a designer wall within a low budget.

19) Paper Butterfly Wall Art

Just like spray paint, we have all probably created paper butterflies for our school projects. You can use the artwork for wall décor. If you want to create butterflies in bulk, here is a short guide to that. Just take a print butterfly template and cut out two pieces. Trace the cut-outs onto the one colored paper. Now trace as many butterflies as you want. Cut out those butterflies and paste them on your wall in the desired shape.

20) Heart Shape Memory Wall Art

This is the most simple and economical wall art. To create this wall art, you simply require your favorite pictures. If you don’t have many pictures, write the memory behind every picture on a piece of colored paper and paste it below the respective picture. To complete the heart, if you are still left out with some space, you can have a nice quote between the pictures. Before placing anything on the wall, just draw the shape of a heart on the wall so that you have a proper heart shape memory wall art.

21) Paper Hot Air Balloon and Clouds

Who knew that one can create amazing wall art with just a few pieces of paper? This wall art can give a perfect touch to the walls of your child’s room. You can either hang them directly on the wall or put it inside a frame.

22) Metallic Gold Polka Dots

This is another easy and economical wall art idea. You simply need to buy polka dot stickers from the market and have to paste them on your wall. You can either stick them randomly, or you can create any light image on your wall and paste polka dots above it.

23) Open book shelf

If you are a book lover, you probably have a lot of books. Instead of just keeping them inside, why not take your collection to the wall.  Just install a wall shelf and keep your books inside it. You can either buy a ready-made wall shelf or create one on your own.

24) Sequin Wall Art

Using sequins in wall art is one of the easiest and most sophisticated ways to brighten up your space.  To create sequin wall art, cut a foam sheet of the desired shape and size. Spray paint over the foam and letters, and let it dry for a few minutes. Now pin the sequins to the foam board. The process may take time, but it is easy. Once you are done, you can stick the letters on the center of the foam. Tada!! A sparkling wall is ready. You can have this wall both at home and office space (depending upon the nature of the business).

25) Splatter Painted Mirror

To create this wall art, you need to have plain white framed mirrors, spray paints, paint pen, and washi tape. You first have to cover the mirrors with washi tape, leaving only the frames exposed. Spray the paint onto the frames with your favorite colors and let it dry for a few minutes. Now splatter the frames with a paint pen and again let them dry for a few minutes. Remove the washi tape from mirrors and hang your mirrors in a grid pattern.

26) Colored Pencils Wall Art

This wall art is probably one of the most fun things to display in the kids’ room. But you can have this wall art in your own office space as well. To create this wall art, you simply need to stick transparent pencil pouch to your wall and stack the collection of pencils side by side.

27) Sun Mirror With Popsicle Sticks

This is another modern yet retro budget wall art idea for 2020. This wall art is gaining a lot of popularity these days, making walls look very stylish. To create this wall art, you first need a circular board. By using hot glue, stick Popsicle sticks in the shape of sun rays. If you find the design a little scanty, you can have another layer of Popsicle sticks. Now paint the board and Popsicle sticks with the color of your choice. You can also do the painting part before sticking sticks onto the cardboard. Now again by using hot glue, stick the mirror to the cardboard, and you are done!

28) Vinyl Record Wall Art

Create a unique art for your wall by using some old vinyl records. You can use them to create fun scenes, mirrors, or a hat/ coat rack. Or you can simply arrange them on your wall. The choice is totally yours!

29) Map It Out

Explore the world without leaving your home by having a beautiful world map with an antique frame on your wall. You can either create this by using pre-made templates, or you can buy ready-made art from the market. This is the perfect wall art idea for any large section you need to cover.

30) Wall Art With Paint Pens

Make a statement wall by using paint pens. To create this wall art, you need cardboard, painter’s tape, thick paint pen, and pins to hold a template. First cut the cardboard in the shape that you want to have on your wall. After that, secure the template on a wall with pins. Use painter’s tape to secure the space between the designs. Now with the help of a pen, trace inside the shape. Once you are done, remove the templates. Here you have a low budgeted yet breathtaking wall art for your space!

31) Go For Faux Brick

To have great wall art, you don’t always have to put or draw anything on a wall. Sometimes leaving walls a little exposed can add a great design element to your wall. An exposed brick wall is one of the latest trends, and the trend is expected to rise in the coming years as well. So go ahead and have a faux brick wall at your space.

32) Clever Cuts Wall Art

To create this wall art, you need to first cut paper as per the required size. Take a color of your choice and paint the paper. Let it dry for a few minutes. Till that time, trace the design you like to cut out onto the canvas. By using the X-Acto knife, cut the shapes carefully. By using glue or staples, attach your colored painting to the back of the canvas. You are ready to display your custom wall art.

33) Fabric Paneled Wall Art


This is the easiest wall art on our list till now. To create this wall art, you need a beloved patterned fabric and a plain art canvas. By using pins, staples or glue, wrap the fabric onto the canvas, and you are done! If you don’t want to buy canvas, you can cut cardboard to your desired size and wrap the fabric over it.

34) Textured String Wall Art

To create this wall art, you need to first paint some glue to a blank canvas. Before the glue gets dry, arrange the strings in an asymmetrical shape. Let it dry for a few minutes. Now remove the strings and paint the canvas with the color of your choice. Hang the art on your wall and surprise your guests with this beautiful custom wall art.

35) Tissue Paper Wall Art

This wall art looks amazing and will cost you almost nothing. To create this art, you need to first cut some colored tissue papers in the desired shape (square, triangle, etc.). Then, paint your canvas in white color and leave it for a few minutes. Before making a final placement, play around with the positioning of your canvas. Once you are satisfied with the positioning, stick the tissue papers onto the canvas. And your amazing wall art is ready!


So, folks, these are the top budgeted wall arts that are currently ruling and will continue to rule the trends in 2020. We are sure that you will definitely want to try most of these ideas. Which wall art idea have you opted for your space? We would love to hear that in the comments section below!


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