Hotjar Insights to Boost your business

If you are interested in getting unlimited insights from your web and mobile sites, then Hotjar is the ideal product for you. To be more precise, Hotjar aims at letting you know how visitors use your website, at allowing you to collect feedback and in the end turning more visitors into customers. In other words, with this product you will understand your visitors better, which will allow you to improve your business.


If you are wondering how it is possible for you to really get to know your clients then you will be pleased to learn that Hotjar has some very interesting featuresin place. For instance, you will be able to use its detailedheatmaps, which will show you the clicks and scrolling behavior of your customers. As you might have already guessed these will give you information about the things that your visitors desire and things they give no attention to.


Another thing that you will get help is to build feedback and exit polls. These will help you understand the way in which your visitors perceive your website and will let you collect their opinions by targeting questions to specific people anywhere on your site.

In the same way you can setup and launch surveys to get an even better understanding of your audience.

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Another really interesting feature that caught our attention is the ability to replay a user session and follow every visitor as they navigate through your site.

So, as you can see Hotjar is ideal for web developers, product managers, analysts, and the list may continue. One more thing you should know about Hotjar is that it is free of charge for those who take part in their beta program. After this period, clients will be able to use the product an additional month without having to pay, after which they will use Hotjar for $29 per month.

As you can see, Hotjar will be the tool to use in order to improve your website and connect you with your visitors.You should really check Hotjar and start using this tool.


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