House Moves For Beginners: How To Make A House Move As A Busy Professional

If you’re a busy professional, chances are you’re juggling a daily routine filled with various deadlines, submissions, and even deadlines. Moreover, you might find yourself in the middle of various projects, as well as things you might have to do outside work – such as social calls, family gatherings, and even some personal endeavors. It’s very likely for your schedule today to be very full, which is why it can be extremely challenging once you’ve contemplated moving as a busy professional. In fact, thinking about a house move while looking at your calendar might even make you lose your interest in the idea.


However, just because you might have a busy and packed schedule doesn’t mean it’s totally impossible to pull off a house move. In fact, if you’ve managed to juggle your tasks for this long, it’s very likely that you’re equipped with the right mindset to make your move work. It’s just that you need the right plan to do so. Here’s how you can pull off a house move, even with a busy schedule:

  • Secure documents and requirements as soon as possible. Once you’ve finalized that you’re going to be moving to Manhattan or other places within a certain timeframe, it helps to dedicate a day to settle all required documents and submissions as soon as possible. That way, you won’t have to waste your other relevant leaves and days off to settle documents on separate days. Moreover, if you have more free time with you within that same day, you may as well start buying packaging materials, and even meeting with your movers to finalize your hiring of them for their services. If you’re going to visit your immediate neighborhood, it helps to meet nearby so you can also show where you’re going to move to allow them to form more accurate estimates of prices.
  • Settle and organize your inventory to avoid any logistical complications. Like how you’re organizing the things you need for your office, it helps to settle and organize your inventory as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary logistical complications – such as missing and misplaced items. If you create an inventory, especially via the cloud through spreadsheets and other apps, it can definitely help you keep track of items you want to keep, sell, and even throw away.
  • Start packing your things slowly instead of allotting whole days. A lot of people usually dedicate an entire weekend before moving day just to pack their things in a hurry, and this isn’t exactly advisable given your busy professional schedule. Instead of risking absences or missing your deadlines, it’s much more ideal to actually start packing your things slowly during your free time. That way, you can slowly dedicate which spaces you’d need to pack during which days, and still be able to use necessary materials as you might want to pack them last. By moving day, you’d be packed with everything you need without having to make any last-minute calls.
  • Integrate your moving schedule into your regular routine. Instead of making “exceptions” for your moving schedule, try to integrate your schedule to your daily routine to avoid any complications regarding deadlines and your other requirements. With this in mind, it helps for you to use the same scheduling app for your moving timeline with your work calendar, or try to use a separate app for your moving timeline that can be integrated with your work calendar. That way, you can schedule essential parts of your move while keeping track of paid leaves and time offs, and you can avoid unnecessary absences in the process.
  • Hire professionals to help you handle the heavy-lifting. If you find yourself a bit too preoccupied with your other endeavors, you might notice it’s a much smarter decision to hire professionals such as long distance moving companies to assist with the heavy-lifting in your move – both literally and figuratively. For instance, moving companies have the manpower and equipment necessary to help you pack and unpack your things and transfer them to your new home. They have the extra pair of hands that could help you do more things at a much faster rate, compared to doing it alone.

House Moving Basics: Make It Work For Your Professional Life!

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that you can actually make your house move work in your favor, even as a busy professional. Thanks to proper planning and approach, you’d definitely be able to keep your usual busy professional routine while still pulling off your house move in the process. Remember, sometimes even the busiest of people can pull off rather demanding house moves, and you’d be surprised what a proper plan can help you accomplish even if you have to make your move despite very busy deadlines.


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