How Delivery Apps Can Help to Make Money?

One of the top markets for mobile apps is the delivery sector. Online order placement has become simpler for customers thanks to the advent of delivery apps. On the other side, online delivery services benefit businesses by increasing orders and sales. These apps engage in both B2B and B2C services, which results in more business prospects. But how do you monetize your mobile delivery app development project? Thanks to the Internet and the rising smartphone user traffic, there are several forms of making money by delivery apps available nowadays. So let’s talk about it in more detail.

  • Delivery fees: Online meal delivery services serve as a conduit between consumers and eateries. If a restaurant lacks a delivery staff, your app can assist with meal delivery for a fee, lessening the pressure on businesses. Depending on the distance, delivery fees may be a fixed amount or a percentage of the meal’s cost. It is one of the most efficient and lucrative methods of making money.
  • Commission: Using a commission % is another well-liked method of revenue generation for mobile food delivery apps. Restaurants and online meal delivery services might work together at predetermined commission rates. Therefore, if a mobile food delivery service helps restaurants sell more food, the commission is a suitable way to get compensated. The level of the restaurant, its usual sales, and other criteria could, however, affect the commission’s magnitude.
  • Advertising: For mobile food delivery apps, advertising is a great additional source of revenue. For a fee and for a limited time only, online food apps may provide restaurant ads. Advertising here refers to the ability of mobile meal delivery applications to temporarily place a restaurant at the top of search results. It helps eateries be displayed above the competition and attract many more customers. But make sure you only collaborate with eateries that consistently receive positive reviews from patrons.
  • Peak hours: Taking advantage of the busiest times to earn more money while delivering meals is another fantastic strategy. You can charge more for deliveries made during busy or erratic times and increase your income, generating profits with this method. However, you must remember that not all customers are willing to pay a premium for your services. So, if you wish to deliver meals for pay, make your decision wisely.

How to Make Delivery Apps Cheap and Fast?

A logistics app is one of the cheapest types of delivery apps to develop. If you are in the logistics and transportation business and want to master digital business solutions soon, then here are the key features to include in a transportation and logistics add-on platform based on various dashboards:

  1. User panel. It should include such functions as:
  • registration
  • authorization
  • profile creation
  • reservation
  • payment
  • tracking
  • cancellation of reservation
  • communication with the driver
  1. The driver’s panel. It should include such functions as:
  • registration
  • authorization
  • request management
  • managing delivery details
  • GPS tracking
  1. Administrator panel. It should include such functions as:
  • Login with a unique identification number or email ID and password
  • Availability of data on customers, drivers, and parcels
  • Driving drivers
  • Management of dispatchers
  • Customer management
  • Invoice & Billing
  • Evaluation of the trip report

Based on these above factors, the development cost of a logistics application would be around $15,000-$25,000 with basic features on a single platform. And if the client requests an application with advanced features and needs software solutions for both Android and iOS, then the cost ranges from $30,000 to $45,000.

Use app builders if you can’t wait a few weeks or months for a custom app to be developed. You have two options: either do it alone or recruit more aid to speed up the process. Making a deal with a remote development team to ask them to produce a web application right away is another choice. India is the cheapest software development outsourcing destination, so you can look for a team there.

Most Popular Delivery Apps for Realizing Net Profit

  1. It’s no secret that food delivery apps are one of the best ways to make money because people always want to eat. Home delivery from a favorite restaurant at an attractive price cannot leave anyone indifferent. Developing such an application is not cheap, but if you approach it wisely, think through high-quality advertising and find an approach to customers, you can quickly recoup costs and make a good profit.
  2. Another great way to make money is through grocery delivery apps. You don’t always want to go to the store when you run out of groceries, especially in bad weather. Grocery delivery apps come to the rescue, in which you can choose the desired products and they will be delivered to you very quickly. You can also add bonuses and promotions to such programs, which is very attractive to customers.
  3. Another option is delivery driver apps. It can cooperate with restaurants, flower shops, gift shops, etc. You can create comfortable conditions for drivers, for example, for an ability to choose working hours or a limited delivery area to divide them into sectors and make deliveries faster. There are a lot of different options and formats, so you can choose the one you like.


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