How to choose Employees and Managers

The individuals inside a company are the most important elements. If HR cannot find the right pieces to put together, the puzzle will not be completed, and it will show in the results, at the end of each year. Although it is not an easy task, there are ways to ensure that the final mix will be able to collaborate and optimize their efficiency, as a group. Here are a few points to keep in mind, on the subject.

Employees and Managers

Build a Diverse Workforce

When the President or the CEO is the one handling the recruitment of employees and managers, he or she may end-up making a common mistake: uniting people who are similar, around them. That is why the manager of HR is so important. They are thought, at school, that to create a strong team, you need a diverse workforce. Otherwise, you will end-up with a company that sees the future with blinders and will head straight for the wall.

But it isn’t just about ideas. Diversity is also about people. We live in a small world today, where most companies will communicate with customers from many cultures. The only way to reach them, so that they can decipher the message that the firm is directing towards them, is through someone who understands how they think. That is why recruiting people from diverse cultural backgrounds is always a good thing. Make sure to have a good balance of men and women, as well as individuals from younger and older generations, in the mix.

Experience and Personality

There are two important elements that need to be considered as crucial, when choosing new employees, and even more so for managers. The first is experience. It is always on top of the list for obvious reasons. Someone that comes into the company with the knowledge of what he will be asked to do. He will also adapt a lot quicker and will bring information that he has learned, throughout the years, which can help the company, by opening new doors and possibilities. Experience has a price, though, and so it needs to be placed on a balance with the desired salary, before making the choice to hire the person.

Personality is the second trait that is key. Better to leave the selection to an HR specialist as well, as they know how to read people, through various elements, such as their CV and how they act during their interview. To hire someone with a dark personality or depressive tendencies is a major risk. First, it can translate into absenteeism, on a regular basis, but it can also darken the mood inside the office and create oppression on those around the newcomer. This said, hiring only people who think that life is a paradise, and everyone is nice and happy every day, will also be a disaster. In other words, you need to look for people who are well-balanced, so that they enter the team without disturbing it, yet also bringing something additional to it. Otherwise, there is no point to add to your mass salary.


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