How to Get More True Followers Using Instagram Bots

It doesn’t matter whether you created your Instagram account for your own pleasure or for marketing purposes. Posting picturesque photos without having an audience is boring, so you DO need more followers either to interact with interesting personalities or to promote your brand.

Obviously, the Net is abundant with different services and methods of cheating to get more followers. Scam, spam and so on can only bring your account to an IG ban. That is why the information given below will tell you about legal methods with the highest possible efficiency that will assist you in gaining more true followers on IG.

  1. Like and follow other accounts

For the sake of attraction the potential audience’s attention, you should like people’s feed and follow their accounts. And then hope that they will follow and like you back. These tactics can be fruitful only in case of using an Instagram bot like Ingramer. It will set the right targeting thanks to which you will draw the genuine attention of the right people. All you need to do is to point out the next criteria: hashtags, location, usernames(famous accounts or rivals), gender, language, and timezone.

  1. Watch Stories and leave comments under your followers’ photos

Trust is not the last thing in Social Media. People are eager to believe that you are really excited about their content, only then they will fell favorable towards you. If the principle of watching Stories by a bot is comprehensible, what to do with comments?

The model is like that: you write stunning general comments a la “ Perfect!” or “Wonderful pic!” and the Instagram bot will send it to your TA.

  1. Comment on the posts of influencers and bloggers

The opinion leaders can make a boast of the high number of followers. To draw their and their audience attention and curiosity to your acc, comment on their posts. How to do it fast and without pains you’ve got to know from the previous point. If you do everything right, you will be able to name drop for a little in front of your friends.

  1. Put down the hashtag

You can add up to 30 hashtags to your post. By using them, you become more approachable, accessible and easy to find to your potential fans and clients. Use the traits and interests of your TA as well as the places and events that it can visit. If you want to do it fast, accurate and smart, the IG bot offers your its tool – Hashtag generator. It will create hashtags by your photo or the keyword you enter or even simply by URL. So boost your account visibility in no time, become open to the world!

A small trick: write hashtags not in the post but in the first comment of it. The effect remains the same with the exception of the absence of noise and distractive parts in your major message.

  1. Plan the posts

One more secret of a smart policy of communication with the audience is the pertinent time for posting. Publish your photos in the night and no one will notice it. What should you do then? The answer is evident. Use Instagram Bot for scheduled posting. Just write your post and fix the time of posting. That’s all.

Moreover, take into account that according to some analysis, the best time to post on instagram is 9am-11am (Eastern Standard Time) But is much better to conduct your own study and find out YOUR best time for posting according to your audience’ geographic. So, knowing that you can ramp up your traffic and win more supporters.

  1. Monitor Statistics

You can not make your promotion effective without monitoring the statistics and making an analysis on its basis. With the help of automation tools, you will be able to track the statistics of your account in real-time mode: the number of new follows and unfollows, the number of likes, the commitment of your fans in the whole. the only thing you have to do is to be sensitive to every activity decay or increase and to enhance your strategy relevantly.

As you see, to gain a great number of followers on Instagram, you do not have to obligatory buy ghost followers. Use smart automation tools, examine opponents, study statistics and enjoy the activity of your audience.


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